How does Google rank your site for 2018?

Have you ever wondered how to split ratings for web sites today? Every day hundreds of thousands of websites are born. Criteria that make them fall in the top search Google

It is difficult to explain the site ranking with a person who is not familiar with SEO. In areas that are extremely complex and want to achieve good results, we must meet the standards of its requirements. The following article will be the categories you need to pass if you want a new ranking result.

Optimize page load speed:

Page load speed is becoming more and more important in 2018. The friendliness and satisfaction of the user experience is always appreciated by Google. Waiting to annoy the user and delivering a high page rank will affect your rankings. Please improve the page load level as quickly as possible. Turn converting customers into potential customers.

A website is said to have good page loading speed of three seconds or less. Use an analysis tool to evaluate your current website. From there, they will have suggestions to guide the points you need to fix. Do not turn the opportunity into a challenge when you have a handle on this.

Use smart keywords, sub and related keywords:

After researching and selecting keyword lists, you will have some very competitive keywords. In addition to the efforts to increase the rankings thanks to these strategic keywords. Use reasonable and effective allocation of sub-keywords. This will make success come quickly and sustainably.

At the same time, once you have succeeded at the main keywords, you should build many articles that have other topics. That topic is related to that primary keyword. Using relevant keywords is one of the most important strategies. Readers tend to stay longer. Thanks to the enticing guidance of the posts attracted and they are like a connected line.

Carefully drop rankings by linking to your site:

A good website is not only about seo and off-page seo. It is not in the number of external links in large numbers. It's about how good and reputable your site is.

Websites are trusted by Google and have good access. We can take advantage of that to help Google trust our site. The quality and appeal of our visitors. At the same time, traffic is increased by resonance at linked sites.

Google ranks the site based on what factor
Google ranks the site based on what factor

Give out the titles and description of the fascinating meta tags:

Everyday publication publishes hundreds, thousands of content. Readers feel overwhelmed to access information. They tend to selectively titled titles and attract them. Titles that are too plain and simple will be ignored.

Through these fascinating headlines, the description below also makes an important contribution. It may be the main ideas that add the title that the reader is looking for. These two sections should support each other to stimulate people to click on the information query.

Content optimization:

The content of the service is mainly the object is looking for information. They must be really helpful to the reader. Not published just for fooling Google. That does not make sense when readers know that they underestimate our site. Through the visitor, Google will recognize that indirectly evaluating the impact on website rankings.

Quality content when it meets the Seo standard helps increase rankings. Image, video inserts are also optimized. The information provided satisfies the reader and makes them loyal. That is how we have achieved some of the hard stages of seo.

Interface of the website:

A website that wants to leave a mark and enjoy the visitor must be beautiful, creative. Through the useful content, layout arrangements are also important. Along with the appropriate features for each type of business that businesses are business.

The ultimate user experience brings satisfaction. Designs keep up with the latest trends. Taking the opportunity and the challenge is the fastest way to achieve success. Create excitement and new feeling for visitors. That will make them come back in the future and make a mark on the brand.

Domain reputation and quality:

Domain names contribute to the building and branding of your brand throughout the development process. Good domain names contribute to the seo implementation that is easy quick. Website rank will easily surpass the opponent. If you own a domain name possess golden keyword search, then congratulations. Every opponent is really afraid of your dominance.

Google's algorithm is constantly changing over time. To be able to cope and understand Google, we must observe and improve the website every day. This helps to maintain and maintain a stable and long-term rating.

The article is the knowledge sharing tips how to increase website rank. Please let us know your questions. Or problems that your website is experiencing. We will have advice on how to fix it. Have a nice day!

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