How Google Analytics Helps SEOers?

    As we all know, on the way to success of Seo people there is the quiet dedication of the analyst and research experts. These are useful support tools that can not be overlooked on the way to the top of Google search.
    Knowing the benefits as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each tool is also an essential part. Through a thorough exploration of the tools, when something goes wrong, you will know what tools to analyze and come up with solutions.
    In this article, we'll learn more about the Google Analytics engine. At the same time, you will know what features it helps the SEOer. And at the end of the article, you will be instructed to install and use it.

    What is Google Analytics?

    This is a Google tool for analyzing customer business data. Around the operation of the website, it will judge from the perspective of a professional to have tips for the problems that are encountered on the page. From there, the Seoer will have specific actions or strategies to deal with.
    Because of its convenience and utility, every business as well as the Seoer can not be ignored. Google Analytics helps to statistically evaluate and evaluate the components of the website in detail. Besides analyzing your own website, it also analyzes all competitors in the direct competition list.
    At the same time, consumer behavior is very difficult to control and difficult to grasp. With Google Analytics, every move of the consumer is documented. As well as other issues related to information sources and website functions are provided by the minute-by-hourly statistics.

    The benefits of Google Analytics in helping SEOs:

    If you or your business overlook this tool, it is a big loss in your own strategy. All tools should be leveraged, claiming the full functionality and capacity of it. Just like here, Google Analytics has the following functions and benefits:
    • Website Visitors: Google Analytics will tell you the number of visitors to your website. What information makes the reader most interested and interested. And from there you will make appropriate adjustments in terms of information, content on the page. This is to maintain stable traffic and build more traffic to increase your traffic.
    • Traffic: After analyzing Google Analytics, we know how much traffic is coming from the website. Or, more precisely, what is the source of the resulting website? As far as any customer is concerned. Be able to become a potential customer of the company. For those who do SEO, this is the advantage to control. As well as plans to go backlink for their own.

    Google Analytics helps SEOs
    Google Analytics helps SEOs

    • Content on the website: In this section, Google Analytics will tell us how much content there is. Which article is most interested and most interested. From there, we will have the appropriate adjustment for the content provided on the page. Just as keyword choices are appropriate to increase the reach of readers through their needs.
    • Objectives: Before implementing any plan we need to set goals. As well as the purpose achieved. After the implementation process, how will we use Google Analytics to assess how well accomplished the goal is? How much of it meets the plan? If not, then why can we repair.
    • Statistic page: This is a general statistics page about the data as well as the number received on the website. This page is customizable on the request to show what parameters on the page. This helps in monitoring as well as timely treatment when the problem occurs.

    Instructions for installing and using Google Analytics:

    Installation of Google Analytics is also not too difficult. If you have a Google + account, Gmail account, ... You can use the account to register. Make sure this account is owned by you. And others are not known to have access to. At the same time, this account should be of permanent use. Monitoring is ongoing and maintained.
    First, once you have a Google account. You need to login by clicking the link below:
    Then, click on the registration in the Google Analytics website. Then fill in the information on the form as required.
    And finally, when you accept the Google Analytics terms, you'll receive a snippet of code. We need to copy that code to the header in the theme and save it. That's all done using Google Analytics.
    Through the article, you certainly know the usefulness. As well as the importance of Google Analytics in our SEO website. Write down the points you do not know as well as you find important to note nhé. Do not hesitate to share information with others if you find it necessary. If you have any questions, add your knowledge or personal opinion. Please comment on the below! Wish you success soon!
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