How to Get a Search Engine Rank?

How to get your website ranked high in Google search results or any other search engine. However, the results are not instantaneous, but it will take some time to get started


Prepare your site for the richest content that attracts readers or brings value to your readers. Collect enough research materials to get a complete and reasonable website content and structure of the website
Most importantly you have to understand the search engine. From then on you can do good deeds


Your domain must be short and easy to remember. This is much more important than representing the content on your page. Why do we say that because your name is not a keyword that represents a whole brand? Vd "Google.com" it does not mean anything. Your brand name should be memorable and brief.

Missing website

Single-site structure will be good. From simple structure each page must be able to read owrbaats from any browser from the oldest to the newest. Minimize flash files, Java. We recommend that you can create a page using WordPress, which is easier and safer to use.
Organizing your site must adhere to the following guidelines
  • Site names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners
  • All of your pages should be streamlined so that users can easily find and organize their content.
Optimization factors that increase the speed of page load affect access to the content of the site. Waiting seconds make you lose 10% of your visitors. 10%, 20% or 30% can make the difference between success and failure.


Every day should contain new content to post on the website. If you have content that is compelling and useful to your readers, the better. If you want to search for topics that interest readers, you can use support tools such as Google Adwords or Google Trends to search for new keywords and article topics. Avoid duplicate content of other websites and misspellings or language confusing.
Each page should have a title and a caption that will help the reader quickly find or understand the summary of the text you want to say in the paragraph.
In fact, most Internet users will not read your pages; they will fly through more or less randomly while keeping track of the other pages they load at the same time to your page. Finally, they will choose to give you a little extra time if:
- Your site loads fast and has no errors
- at least one of your titles is more appealing than the other
Competitive website Some popular sites have very long ad titles to download. It's not because they can afford that you can.
Watch your pages in seconds as they will soon be seen by the surfer: what keeps the eye? Is it interesting?

Use keywords and relevance in the article

Use your keywords once in the title, once in the description tag, once in the URL, once in bold, once in italics, once in the photo tag (ALT) and once in the first paragraph of document. The search engines will instantly understand your keywords and indexing takes you up high ranking when there are user search queries.


  • External links
Outbound links to your site are one of the important factors for search engines to rank above the search results. You not only have a reasonable amount of links but the links to your site. quality
  • Internal link
Internal linking is also very important in the structure of your website. Proper link structure enhances the user's time on the site by suggesting related topics. . These links allow you to balance the PageRank of your different pages. You DO NOT want a "star" page to replace all others with its PageRank. You want 50 pages that each page generates one visit per day. You DO NOT want a page that generates 50 hits a day while your other pages are playing those.
Use Google to find quality sites that include topics close to your site. Check to see if these sites have linked pages and when. Do not take your head if the exchange is denied: the world wide. Sending a daily exchange to a new website, a simple email is enough. Put your links on a page dedicated to this purpose and check your links at the end of each month. Restarted each month the site did not put a link back and removed them from the list after 3 months if this is not the case.

Register website tracking tools

Effect of social networking with seo
Effect of social networking with seo

Use a powerful object analysis system (Google Wemaster Tool, Google analytics). You must be able to track the journey of Internet users to track which page attracts them. The average reading time of each page is also very important in determining whether your visitors appreciate your site's content. Your goal is to reach a minimum of 4 pages per visit, with an average of 4 minutes per visit. Until these goals are met, you must consider the design or content of your pages.
Robot.txt: Check the path of the robot on your site. They sometimes need 3-4 hits to index all pages. If some pages are not accessible after these visits, check your internal links: there is definitely something wrong.
Creating a Sitemap is just to declare the search engine for search engines to index your site. This is very beneficial for Seo.
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