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Surely we have heard of the LSI keyword right? But what is it, and what is it used for, the purpose is how many of you are still very vague or even not sad to learn about it. Believe me, reading this article, you will see the benefits of the LSI keyword how great!

What are LSI keywords?

Keyword LSI or LSI Keywords TheLatent Semantic Indexing - Latent Semantic Indexing) is a semantic keyword related to your primary keyword. This needs clarification because there are still many who think that the LSI keyword is a synonym, but this is not true. LSI keywords are simply words that are commonly found together because they are contextually related.

For example, SEO and Google Panda are LSI keywords, because they are contextually related and are often found together, but obviously they are not synonymous.

Let's start by looking at how the LSI keyword works in the following examples.

For example, you have a page that talks about Apple. You can write about Apple's meaning in the following contexts:

  • Apple is the apple.

  • Apple is a leading technology corporation

So how does Google understand the meaning of the word Apple you are talking about?

Google will look for the LSI keywords in your page to determine the exact content you are referring to, as follows:

  • If there are words like apples, proteins, cooking, soaking wine, fruit, fruit, your page is talking about fruit.

  • If you have words about your MacBook, iPhone, iTune, iMac, iWatch, then your site is talking about US technology corporations.

Basically, did you know what part of the LSI keyword?

Why is Google using the LSI keyword?

In the past, there was a time when Google identified a page related to keyword density search. As you know, this can make the word abuse and spam problem worse.

So, Google has switched to applying the LSI keyword to evaluate the content of a page. But not only that, the keyword LSI also helps Google better understand the meaning of search queries and content of the website.

This also helps Google to improve what users search for and the results of those searches.

In terms of user experience, you will definitely feel overwhelmed with a website that just stuffs keywords in a crude way. The only purpose is to make Google understand the content of the website and bring it to the query of those who need it. But this makes users uncomfortable and frustrating their experience, because what the Google bot read easily is difficult for people. Therefore, the use of LSI keywords will help to improve these issues thoroughly.

You can see, if a page talks about the Macbook, Magic Mouse, MacOS, Appstore ... are certainly talking about "Apple computer". If a keyword stuffing is only used "Apple computer", "Apple computer", "Apple computer" ...

The relationship between the Hummingbird algorithm and the LSI keyword?

In August 2013, Google released the Hummingbird algorithm, also known as the semantic algorithm.

Hummingbird algorithm
Google's Hummingbird algorithm aims to focus on synonyms

This algorithm aims to focus on synonyms and help Google improve the understanding of the context of a website. In particular, this algorithm is concerned with the search intent of the user, considering each word in the context of the entire search query. Previous algorithms only focus on individual words in the search query.

In other words, the Hummingbird algorithm is trying to understand what it means - it helps Google associate a user's intent with search results.

How to LSI Keyword Improve SEO Rankings?

Keyword LSI will help you improve the SEO process in the way:

  • Google is currently reviewing total context instead of keyword density. This means that the main keyword in your page will be ranked higher, because this lsc Google has a better understanding of the context of the page.

  • Let's say you've reached the limit for the density of keywords on your page - if you keep repeating it's possible that you'll be immediately penalized by Google. With the LSI keyword, you can safely add relevant keywords in a logical and logical manner.

  • LSI keywords are closely related to your primary keyword - they are 'keyword variations'. That means that your page will appear in the search results containing the main keyword that your website is referring to, as well as the keyword variations.

How to find keyword LSI?

Here are some examples of LSI keywords that you can use.

Google search

Just enter your primary keyword, then Google will bold any keyword related to your primary keyword.

The keyword LSI is bold in Google
The keyword LSI is bold in Google

His primary keyword is "training seo" when searching, then Google bolds the related words as shown. They are the basic LSI keywords you can see.

Then, when going to the bottom of the page, this would be:

The LSI keyword at the bottom of the Google Search page
Keyword LSI at the bottom of the Google Search page

Here are some more LSI keywords that you can look at and include relevant keywords in your page. They will help improve your keyword rankings and find other relevant keywords for your site.

LSIGraph tool

LSIGraph is a free tool that helps you create LSI keywords. Just enter your primary keyword in the following box, as you can use those keywords for your website:

LSIGraph tool
LSIGraph tool

NicheLaboratory Tool

NicheLaboratory is another free online tool that you can use. Just enter the primary keyword in the frame, then the result will appear. However, you need to selectively refine which words relate to your content.

NicheLaboratory Tool
NicheLaboratory Tool

SEOPressor Plugin

This tool can give you a personal style, such as: "cheap resonance seo course". This plugin will analyze for you with two features:

  • Progressive LSI Keywords Engine

  • SemantiQ Density

Ultimate Keyword Hunter

Ultimate Keyword Hunter is a downloadable software, specializing in searching for LSI keywords. This tool is free, but unfortunately it was only developed for the Windows platform.

Ultimate Keyword Hunter
Ultimate Keyword Hunter

How to use the LSI keyword?

You can spread them all over your posts, as long as they are natural and appropriate. Some LSI keywords will be synonymous with your primary keyword - in which case you can substitute them for your primary keyword.

Of course, you will need to have at least 2 or 3 different versions of the main keywords for your website. But do not worry too much about your primary keyword density because of the density it has been replaced by the LSI keyword. Here are the places where you should use your LSI keyword:

  • Page title

  • H1 and H2 tags

  • URL address

  • META tag

  • Text replacing images

  • The first paragraph

  • Text anchor tag

  • The last paragraph

Note to avoid using the LSI keyword?

Just like your primary keyword, do not attempt to optimize your page for any excessive LSI keywords. Abusing the keyword LSI will make you "old horse" with too many keyword stuffing, which is not good for Google.

I recommend using only once for each LSI keyword, so that's more than enough.


By what you just said, you have "cleared" about how much Keyword LSI so what? In summary, its main purpose is:

  • Use the keyword LSI to avoid cramming, repeating.

  • Improve SEO results when you do not use too many main keywords.

If you have any blog posts that are more than 1500 words, you will definitely use the LSI keyword to make the content more natural, not deliberately optimized.

So remember to keep the content natural, just use it once or twice and of course do not feel pressured.

So your pages will be more appreciated in the eyes of Google, and the user experience will also become more friendly.

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