Optimize the loading speed of your website

    Life is growing, people are too busy with work everyday. Every minute a second passes to them is a golden time. During idle time they spend less time accessing information or learning something on electronic devices. However, some websites have slower loading times, which takes up much of the waiting time.
    This leads to disadvantages in accessing or wanting to attract visitors. Page load times are so long that they tend to leave the page immediately, though they want to see the information. This is also one of the features that are rated for a site with good user experience.

    Why optimize the page load speed?

    Page load speed plays an important role and is a key factor in the existence of a website. In particular, for the fierce competition of the SEO world, the leading of a factor also contributes to the success of website ranking.
    Recent studies have shown that websites ranked at the top of the rankings often have quick page loading rates. Trends of 2018, not only meet the standards of SEO friendly to Google algorithms but also lies in the power of access to that website like.
    And this is also one of the factors that Google has a significant role in ranking the site. A website that meets the requirements of quality, quantity and speed of rapid loading will make consumers satisfied and satisfied. Since then, the investment budget will be significantly reduced in addition to the continuous increase in revenue.

    Evaluate your page load speed for improvements:

    Capture the hardships of those who do site optimization work. And page quality, many tools used to analyze the evaluation. It is important to check the current status of your website. From comparison, assessment before and after adjustment. It helps us in planning and improving better. Here we will go into the analysis of the three most popular tools today.
    • Pagespeed Insight:
    This is a Google tool. It's really easy to use. You need to enter the URL of the website you want to evaluate in the frame and enter. This tool helps you evaluate the current speed of your company's website on desktop and mobile devices.
    The goal is to reach the highest score. If your website is not good now. Below are the Google suggestions that show you the number of errors to fix. A website is considered to be optimal when it scores 80. This is the number that an ideal website needs to achieve.
    • Think with Google:
    This is also Google's tool. As well as the Pagespeed Insight tool, you simply enter your current website URL and wait for analysis in minutes.
    This tool analyzes how your current page loads when connected to a 3G network. At the same time it also tells us the amount of customer loss per day. What we need to achieve is that the page loads must be fast. And such a low percentage of loss is thought to be an effective website.
    • Web Pingdom:
    Enter the path of the website to analyze in the box. This tool is used to analyze the optimal load capacity of your website how? When it is in different geographical areas. Because of this usefulness, it can help you recognize the bad points that make up the delay for the current speed of the site. However, for trial, it can only test some countries like USA or Canada.

    How to optimize page load speed?

    Optimize page load speed
    Optimize page load speed

    Perfecting myself to be better. It is indispensable that anyone wants in the process of raising the development to reach further. Identifying common mistakes to prevent as well as correct is what you need right now. Because it will help to improve rankings. As well as website quality is maintained and stable in the long run.
    • Optimizing content on website:
    Content delivered to users in addition to meeting the standard 100% seo. It must also not affect the page load speed. Such as to attract more viewers than people usually insert clips or videos. Minimal processing of the size of these files helps to keep the load from being affected. And the delay when approaching the visitor.
    • Undelete unused plugins:
    Using too many plugins at the same time seriously affects the speed at which your website loads. In addition to the benefits it brings, the result is a poor user experience. Since then, they have had a high escape rate that has affected their monthly sales. This is something you should take note of.
    • Affected by Hosting:
    One of the most difficult reasons to notice the least is the hosting. Getting your website affected. As well as some abnormal problems. This factor should not be overlooked. Maybe your hosting providers are not reliable enough. Therefore, this has hindered the result.
    Page load speed is increasingly showing its importance in 2018. The intense competition to scramble for customers. It is always a headache for any business to survive. If your website is good enough, do not be subjective but follow up, analyze and evaluate every day. Because of this, you will have timely adjustments to misleading directions and corrective measures.
    This article is about knowledge sharing. As well as the importance of page load speed you need to know. Please share with us how you optimized your page load speed to finish the article over. Have a nice day!
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