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    Today, the search for information on traditional media is no longer too salty for everyone. They gradually replaced them by modern means. By accessing information quickly, accurately and with high reliability. Therefore, the content provided to the reader must also be of quality if they want to retain them as well as have more new customers.

    Besides the surface you also need to know how to write them properly and enough. So your website will be search engine friendly. As a result, traffic is increasing and they can be and will be your future customers. To be that, the following article will provide you with useful information on How to write SEO standards is how?

    What is the standard SEO writing?

    To go deep into writing SEO standards, we first have to understand SEO is? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It can be understood as a way to improve website quality as well as improve your website ranking.

    Writing standard SEO articles means optimizing the content that is search engine friendly. Since then, the article's website was quickly searched and approached customers before many opponents.

    Structure of the standard article SEO:

    • Title (H1 Tag):

    Contains the main keyword and the content of the title must cause curiosity, excitement, tit for the reader.

    Title should not be too long (less than 11 words)

    • Opening:

    Before entering the article, we should have a gentle introduction, a brief introduction to the topic we are going to write and contain the keyword. This can either create or emphasize the importance of the topic.

    • Body:

    Interpretation provides keyword related content. Here in this article will be:

    H2: Some notes on standard SEO 2018 writing

    H3: Structure of standard articles SEO:

    H4: ....

    • End:

    We will summarize some of the main ideas as well as create interaction at the end of the article. Encourage readers to share their knowledge or contributions to make the page more complete.

    How to write standard SEO 2018:

    How to write SEO standards
    How to write SEO standards

    First of all, we should not be too formal about formalism but forget about content. We must determine who is going to read your article. The content of the article will give them what information. And is it really useful to them?

    How to write standard SEO does not follow a rule. Depending on the style and the different approaches you can create interesting individual stories.

    A small note is that you keep your website visitors by putting the most important, useful information at the beginning and then gradually down.

    And do not forget, do not just to fool google that keyword abuse. This will result in a high bounce rate as well as poor content quality that will affect the ranking of your page.

    How to write standard SEO WordPress:

    Once you know the structure to write the standard SEO, then for WordPress we should note as follows:

    • The best keyword density is 2%.
    • The level of keyword matching.
    • There should be no more than 20 words in one sentence.
    • The image appendix should contain the main keyword and the "-" sign.
    • After each article should insert internal links to lead to related articles on the page.

    How to write SEO standards and good sales:

    Besides the standard content SEO, if you want to sell good, invest in video. Many studies show that only 20% are lingering read all the content of your article. The remaining 80% spent time watching videos on the site. The advice is: the content of the sale should be concise and concise as well as highlight the benefits that customers will receive.

    Standard SEO Template Articles:

    You can read and consult the standard template SEO articles in the top website today. Even from this article, you are also exposed to a standard SEO article. Through observation and level of understanding, you will have your own views and conclusions.

    Standard SEO Writing Experience:

    • Write every day: Create the habit of writing and thinking so that the brain is always in active state
    • Rewrite if you are not satisfied: After a post, if you feel like it, do not be afraid to rewrite it in a way that you think is better.
    • Read books, magazines to learn how to use rich and diverse language and style

    In general, standard SEO writing is not as difficult as you might think. As long as you know what is important and necessary, nothing is impossible. For more information, you can refer to some links below. Good luck!

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