The Affective Factors Affect SEO

    Often when building a website will have a direct impact on SEO, when building website must pay attention to the Peripheral factors affect SEO, to provide a stable website without impact or loss for businesses and customers.

    The Affective Factors Affect SEO

    Domain Name

    A domain is an address that identifies an electronic information site that has data stored on the hosting or server.

    Domain names play a crucial role in SEO, domain names are limited to special characters, domain names should often be associated with the brand or product name, the higher the SEO capacity. If you have long domain name sticking to the SEO points on Google.


    • Hosting is an online data storage and sharing service that is hosted on Internet servers such as the World Wide Web (www), file transfer (FTP), Mail ..., which can contain content website or data in that space.

    • Types of hosting:

    • Shared hosting: Shared hosting.

    • Collocated hosting: Hosted hosting.

    • Dedicated Server: Dedicated Server.

    • Virtual Private Server: VPS is a virtual private server.

    Choose to buy hosting packages with large capacity, because when you do business, you will upload images, content, or more products will occupy quite large. Broadband is the site to avoid traffic overload or prevent DDOS attacks. Hosting you should buy from professional vendors that support 24/24 because many problems with error if you do not handle immediately will adversely affect the SEO.


    SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a global technology security standard that creates a link between the web server and the browser. This link ensures that all data exchanged between the web server and the browser is secure and secure. SSL ensures that all data transmitted between web servers and browsers is private, separated. SSL is a technology standard used by millions of websites to protect online transactions with their customers.

    SSL is like the lock of the Website even though you install this certificate to make the website slower but in turn make your website more secure and promote the reputation with Google. SSL is the section to your website to get more SEO points in the eyes of Google. Now many reputable business organizations have installed this part so you can rest assured that use.

    Source code

    Source Code is the command line to respond to an event. When the user activates the event, the command line is executed to return the result for the event. (For example, display results found in TextBoxes, etc.). You can view or edit the source code in the development environment (IDE) for the purpose of your work.

    When you see a VB program with multiple files, the .EXE file is a compiled, executable program. The .BAS file is a Basic (or Visual Basic) program in the form of source code (ie no. You can open it with a text manager and see what it says. There are some files with different tail depending on whether it is data, dynamic libraries ...

    There are two types of license-based source code that are proprietary and open-source. The software you are using daily as Microsoft Office is proprietary code by Microsoft. Companies choose website design WordPress is choosing the open source platform for the website. When users install open source, they have the right to modify it for their own use.

    Google regardless of open source or closed source code will have a SEO advantage. According to our experience, branded websites should hold the key position, they should use closed source code (they call hand code) because they have to operate continuously, little change in content and structure. The source code will help the website writers understand what the website lacks and needs to do better. Web sites should be open source because they focus on content, complex functions do not need more like the main website, all changes will be more active help SEOer.

    Hopefully, the share on the Peripheral factors affect SEO It will help you have more knowledge and can perform better your work wish you success.

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