The Stages Of Seo Content Development

Website content is always the dream of anyone. Or any business that wants to top the charts. By quality and influence information to the visitor. Seo has long been synonymous with the history of the formation and development of content writing for the same. If you do not know it, then there is the risk of repeating the mistakes of those who go before.

Learning to cultivate each day is always not redundant. Featured for those who are journalists, editors as well as content creators. Writing something for Seo is very important. Make mistakes and that makes the website fall into a dangerous situation. The following article will outline the history of the process that content for seo has undergone. What has existed and is gone. Join the Seo Alliance to learn more!

2001 period:

Wading up to better understand the development process of content seo. From there, we can better understand how each period they go through has changed them.

  • Key word :

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, holding a position at the top of the rankings was in the optimization of the strategy. That is the maximum use of potential keywords. Crams all keywords into positions as well as cards that are truly effective at this stage.

  • Variable keyword variations:

Once you've successfully used potential keywords, they will convert that keyword into many other related words. Such as with seo lock, its variation will be seo resonance, seo course, seo training or seo service. The combination of new keywords is a part of the success of seo.

  • Write seo content with tools:

They began to use the analysis tools to evaluate. And then build up credible content for the reader. This will prevent them from leaving the site quickly and visit the competitor's website.

2008 period:

The new look from the old wrong mistakes. People have gradually grown up in the optimization of many factors instead of one as the first stage.

  • Keywords are still important but not the most:

For the first time, keyword stuffing can be successful. But with this period it is no longer a good and effective strategy.

  • Make up a separate page for each keyword:

No way to lump in on key keywords to seo. This phase has the allocation of each related keyword into separate pages. This helps to provide better service to the product. Consumers can learn more clearly.

  • Pay attention to the way the visitor interacts:

Keeping customers on the page is a success in the early stages. This stage is a breakthrough in making customers enjoy and interact on their pages.

Seo Content Development Phase
Seo Content Development Phase

Period 2018:

A decade has passed and certainly involves a lot of change. Everything has a tendency to grow up. And Google's algorithms will be more challenging and difficult than ever.

  • Address the issue that users are looking for:

The explosive age of technology, users tend to seek information on the internet. And your site is doing well there. The data on the page really meet and satisfy the needs of the query or not. Or is it just to deceive the Google algorithm to climb to the top of the head? Invest in content. It will help your site get good quality Google reviews.

  • Tags, description tags, image attributes, and URLs are important:

Good titles make users curious and tend to click. It must make a difference in the infamous title published by all the millions of businesses.

Descriptive tags include a summary of information associated with the query word or phrase. And they will see the content can be related and click.

The alt attribute of the image: Useful for image search results. This is also a popular search trend.

URL: contains the word or phrase that the searcher is searching for. This is very useful in making users think that all the information they need can be viewed here.

  • User experience on content is becoming more and more important:

Your website is highly valued when it comes to frequent and constant engagement. To do that, the content on the page must be really thorough and match the interests the searcher is looking for. You need to make the effort to invest in high-impact content creation.

The process of creating content for simple seo for 2018:

  • Create a list of all keywords that target the page:

  • List what the searcher really cares about. Or trying to find information around.

  • Create easy-to-use visual clusters for queryers

  • Build content and then add keywords, terms, key phrases. Appropriately allocate them to the article.

  • Edit and add related articles.

Have a good content and match the level of search of the query. Besides, it must also meet the standard level of seo. To help increase rankings. It also brings sustainable revenue and profit to the company. The brand image building is built in part by seo content.

This article gives you an overview of the history of seo content development. From there, you can consolidate and promote your current strengths. Share with seo resonate the success you have made with seo content. We always want to cultivate and learn from you new knowledge. Have fun working!

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