User Behavior Analysis, Keyword Analysis and Grouping

The power of Seo now increasingly proves the importance of Digital Marketing strategy. This is an industry that is attracting and potentially growing in the Vietnamese market. Enthusiasts or curious beginners also take the time to learn. And go deeper into this work.

On the surface, people often think this SEO job is easy and boring. But it's not easy and it's not boring for those who really love the job. The SEO process goes through many stages. And the success or failure results are mostly in the first stage.

Spending time investing in finding the right keywords is key. Do not worry because this section has helped the support of keyword analysis tools. By that, we need to have separate strategies to filter keywords as well as gather them into potential keywords and bring the most effective.

Study user behavior:

For the most part, keywords are massively selected by search engines like Google Trend, Google Key Word Planner, etc. So, this leads to roughness, stereotyping, and lack of flexibility for updates as well. Keyword control.

We should know, these tools are also powerful support for rival companies. The advantage is that we possess a fast hand in the keyword density access users. The harm is that this information is common, generic, overlapping with the opponent.

From there, it should be noted that a general and multi-dimensional view is needed in order for the keyword to be far and wide. Do not just focus on keyword research through the tools available, you should spend more time researching user behavior.

Why? Our products and services are based on the needs and desires of the user. Clinging to the object as well as their psychology will contribute to the success of the business.

Put yourself in the customer's perspective to narrow the gap as well as the appropriate keyword search period. At the same time, do not ignore the study of user behavior of your competitors. This is also an indispensable part. Observing and analyzing the rivalry will more or less give us lessons or experience of risk prevention.

Keyword Analysis:

So what are the keywords? We hear people talk about keywords but really do we understand what it is?

Keywords are the key words most searched for by searchers. It is usually less than 5 words. Around the main keywords there are also secondary keywords or related keywords to complement. Therefore, we should also build the system of auxiliary keywords to support the main keyword.

After the research step, sum up the aspects to come up with a keyword list for the next step in SEO. We need to have some time to ponder and carefully refine the keywords that are truly appropriate and profitable for the business. Keywords that are duplicated or used by competitors should be discarded.

Thereby, we should choose the key strategic keywords. To build a top SEO plan for that keyword. As well as blocking the position of the top of the opponent. Choosing the right effective keywords as well as the right plan for it. It is one of the factors that help increase the rank of the business website.

Research, analyze, and group keywords
Research, analyze, and group keywords

Group your keywords for better performance:

The next step after researching and analyzing keyword depth. We should group the keywords into groups. To find the optimal performance. The use of key words in an individual way. And lack of computing has made many Seoer lost their lives in the field of competition ranked Google.

Highly effective keywords should be informative and should not be too short. The use of each major keyword as the title has become too common and duplicate. We should use the secondary keyword attached to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness higher than the opponent.

At the same time, there should be keyword differentiation by type, need or search information for easy control of information. For example: keyword system to find information such as: seo, basic seo, ... or keyword system such as location: basic seo, Tan Binh ....

For example, change keywords related to the domain of SEO information. I rearrange them into a list. Along with the related keywords next door. Mounted by conjunctions so that the face and rational. Or maybe we will use those keywords in the content. To avoid the abuse of keywords in the article. That, Google will be able to evaluate your website is not quality and pull the ranking down.

Search and use keywords accordingly. What a headache for today's Seoer. Success or failure is due to the experience. Throughout keyword research and information filtering.

Sharing knowledge through learning process. And we hope that the article will help your interest. Do not hesitate to give the information you find helpful to the people around you. Wish you early success!

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