Why Search Engine Marketing Is Needed?

Why Search Engine Marketing Is Needed

Why do you need it?

There is one important thing in the SEO process that many people forget, it is to make your website friendly to both users and search engine robots. Although search engines are becoming more sophisticated, they can not see and understand a website in the way that we humans understand. So we have to find a way SEO for search engines Understand the meaning and usefulness of the site to users.
For example, you post a picture of your cat on the Internet such as Facebook, Twitter or a blog site. Someone can see and describe your cat easily, like what color fur, big or small, striped or not, looks lovely or not, cat is taken with what background ... Meanwhile, the search engines will find it difficult to understand the meaning of the photo without the help of people or SEO. So how do we use SEO so that search engines can understand the content of the photo?
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Luckily, adding the right structure to the content you provide is extremely necessary for the SEO process. As well, your understanding of the search engine's ability to recognize and limit will help you build, format, and deliver the right content that search engines can understand as the core of optimization. search. Without SEO, your website will be quite difficult for search engines to recognize.

Limitations of the search engine

Popular search engines now share the same principle as their previous articles, ie they automatically crawl the Internet, crawl through links, and index the database. their data. They do this with great artificial intelligence, but that does not mean they are omnipotent and handle everything. These machines are still technically very limited, which can cause serious problems in the process of gathering and indexing.

Why search engine marketing is necessary?
Why search engine marketing is necessary?

The most common problems are:

Data collection and indexing issues

  • Online forms: Search engines can not pass online forms, such as login information. As a result, any content behind these forms may remain hidden.
  • Duplicate pages: Websites that use CMS (Content Management System) often create duplicate versions of the page. This is a big problem for search engines because they are looking for completely original content.
  • Blocked in code: When a robots.txt file is changed in a malicious or intentional manner, it also blocks the entire search engine.
  • Poor link structure: if the link structure of the website is not easily understood by search engines, it may be ignored. Or if it is collected, it is also considered to be unimportant according to their criteria.
  • Non-textual content: Although query engines are constantly being improved to be able to read non-HTML content, content in rich media format is still a difficult challenge to distribute. Accomplishments. Text in flash, image, video, audio, and plug-in content.

Problem when comparing queries to content

  • Phrasing is not common: the use of uncommon phrases is rare, but it can also happen. For example, you use the word "nia" while the common word used is "the basket".
  • Subtlety in words and internationalization: for example, "24/24" compared to "24/7". At this point you do not know what word you should search for what people are using, then apply for your content.
  • Location targeting is not right: you are writing content in English while many visitors are Vietnamese, which creates a discomfort for the user and a high bounce rate.
  • Context does not match the content: for example, the title of your article is about "SEO services in Hanoi" but the content is about "SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City". This is confusing search engine, whether you deliberately attracted but the "hanging goats selling dog meat" is not so good home :))

Is your content enough to attract users?
Is your content enough to attract users?

Make sure your content reaches the goal

Although technical elements are essential to making a website search engine friendly, you must also bring your content to the users who need it. Search engines do not have a measure of the quality of a website's content, but are based only on metrics of relevance and importance.
They measure by tracking what people do, looking for, interacting and accessing. As you can see, now when we look for something, when we leave and log into Facebook, or any other website, the product we view or the related product will be advertised. . So, in addition to building a good website, great content, sharing it, bringing it to the user is also extremely important.

The competitive nature of the search engine

If you try to look through the search results, you will understand why search marketing will remain viable and sustainable.

SEO is always fierce competition!
SEO is always fierce competition!

With websites ranked in the first page of the search engine, the higher the position, the greater the reach of the user. Pages ranked at 1, 2, 3 are likely to receive a lot more traffic than those in other locations, which decreases as they move to the front page.
No matter how the search results change, websites and businesses will compete against each other to appear in the top positions of the search results.

Change is inevitable of SEO

When search marketing came out in the 1990s, manually loading links, meta tags, keyword stuffing were the repetitive things that SEOs are still doing to rank websites. In 2004, the bombing of links and anchor text, links, link spam or related stuff will be used by many to help promote the site. By 2011, social media marketing, vertical search, is the way to search engine optimization.
The vertical search engine is different from a search engine on the web in general, which focuses on a particular segment of the online content, which is also called a search engine. Special subject matter may be based on the topic, type of media or genre of content. Popular topics include shopping, the automobile industry, legal information, Examples of search engines include Library of Congress, Mocavo, Nuroa, Trulia, and Yelp.

SEO is constantly moving and developing
SEO is constantly moving and developing

Search engines have refined their algorithms a lot, especially in 2004, which can affect the way they work SEO of you at the present time. In the future we will not know how, but in the world of search, the change is a default, algorithms can be born or updated at any time. Search marketing like SEM, SEO ... will still be very competitive and last longer.
Somewhere there is someone saying SEO will die or the money spent for SEO is wasted. However, I think that each person has a personal thought, not need to argue too much. The website will still be competitive on search results, and people like us who do different things to improve the ranking of the page, will surely receive rewarding benefits. that we have spent.
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