GoogleBot SEO Activity Principle to Know

Sure SEOER also know a lot about SEO techniques on Content, baclink, traffic ... Today I continue to share more knowledge about Google Bot . 
When you understand the essence, make sure that the text will have the right thinking in the sea of ​​SEO knowledge on the internet.
Let's go to the main problem ...
GoogleBot SEO Activity Principle to Know
GoogleBot SEO Activity Principle to Know

What is Googlebot?

Googgle bot is a crawler used by Google to crawl websites. It is Google's access to the website data by the mechanism through the link.
Googlebot 's information is collected and used to update the index of the website.
Googlebot accesses billions of websites and is constantly on the move to crawl sites.
Website crawlers, also known as bot, robo-bots or spiders, is a program that collects information and sends it to a place to store data.
Google bot retrieves data in binary form (100010001010,0101010001111 ...) when it crawls, Google sends it to Google's index, where Google conducts comparisons and ratings, so Google High ranking first thing is that the website must be easily structured for bot crawling, easy access information.
You must constantly ask questions for your website
Does Google bot easily "see" the information on my website? 
Can Google bot retrieve all information and links in the web? 
Can Google access all website resources? 
In addition to the optimization techniques in SEO, the way to make google quickly understand the content of the website is quite important, you imagine a site with a slow load, Google Bot can not access the data. , repeatedly returns data on 404 results, can not scan the data, no rank is a natural thing.

How does Google Bot work?

Google bots use sitemaps through sitemaps and links are found crawling ahead, If the Google bot finds changes to the links and broken links it will record and update the index. 
To ensure that Google Bot crawls the correct indexes you need to check the indexes through the site: structure .
By setting "site:" in front of your domain, you'll ask Google to list the pages that Google has indexed for your site.
Note there is no white space between "site:" and domain

How does Googlebot view your webiste?

Googlebot does not see complete webpages, it only sees the individual components of that page.
If any of these components are not accessible to Googlebot, it will not send them to the Google index.
To use my previous example, this is Googlebot viewing site (html and css) but no image.
Google needs a complete picture to rank websites, not just the details.
There are many cases where Googlebot can not crawl a website:
Site resources are blocked by robots.txt file
HTML error or invalid encoding
Dynamic linking is too complex
It depends on the flash and the technology that led to the website crash.
If the CSS and javascript files are blocked by a robots.txt file, they can be misleading. 
An example to illustrate this would be a mobile site that uses CSS or javascript to determine what to display depending on what device is viewing the page. If Googlebot can not access the CSS or Javascript of that page, it may not recognize the page as portable.
Google will "read" but different from what HTML is presenting.
For a more secure look you can go to Search Console to collect data that will see the website

Refer to some Google Bot

- Googlebot (desktop):
Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: //
/ Mozilla / 5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; Nexus 5X Build / MMB29P) AppleWebKit / 537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome / 41.0.2272.96 Mobile Safari / 537.36 (compatible; Googlebot /
Googlebot-Video / 1.0
-Googlebot image: 
Googlebot-Image / 1.0
-Googlebot News: 

Optimized for GoogleBot

Optimizing for the most readable Bot is probably the prerequisite for SEOER. 
Technical reasons Bot can not crawl: 
Your site is too slow or too buggy, Too many information, URL on website. 
Your slow web site may be due to a server, make the server respond faster by upgrading the hosting, improving the caching.
Too many errors on the page are causing Google to update slowly, to speed up the crawl, please fix that, simply redirect those 301 errors to the more appropriate URLs. 
Suggestions for you can check your website for errors with Search Console or Screaming Frog to audit site again. 
Too many URLs, many of which may be self-generated URLs due to a faulty web site code, making it difficult for the bot to crawl. 
Creating a sitemap for a website, a sitemap is considered as a guide for Google Bot to websiete data of the whole website, for large websites is very necessary, help the Bot understand where the priority.
You can also improve the crawl rate by building links, backlinks that are mounted on other webmasters, forums, social networks ... the number of backlinks to scan your data more, improving So much about the good index level of Google Bot.

Google Bot Control?

The question is how to control GoogleBot.
GoogleBot adheres to the standards it has adopted through the robots.txt standard, even in ways that are fully controlled by Google standards.
Use a Robots.txt file, including instructions in your websiever data, instruct those who can view the data, gather information, which items are under administrative control, prohibit blocking Bot to scan data. whether.
Use sitemap through sitemap.
GoogleBot is Google's data collection tool, for good SEO we have to understand, control and optimization for the fastest and most comprehensive information collection bot, will help your website to be preferred, Rankings are better with bot-less, Bot-friendly sites.