Guide to internal SEO optimization and Rich Snippets

Guide to internal SEO optimization and Rich Snippets

Guide to internal SEO optimization and Rich Snippets
This article is for bloggers who are new to WordPressIf your content is quality but the audience does not find it, then your effort will look like zero. So this article, Hieu will guide some ways to optimize internal SEO. Hieu's approach almost meets the requirements of the boss Google.

Optimize SEO Rich Snippets on Search Results 

 See the picture above to understand the tips below contributed to the search results. Because Hieu's website only writes articles that bring new value to readers, Hieu only recommends solutions and descriptions. The plugin manual below you find yourself in other blogs.

Add article descriptive tags

Almost all bloggers now use Yoast to optimize textual descriptions. Yoast also helps you evaluate the quality of the posts in the compiler. So use the content of your article is perfect. 

 Recommended: Yoast SEO

Add Breadcrumb to the forum

There are other plugins that support this and Yoast also does. However, the new interface is now very little compatible with the breadcrumb of the plugin. This is not an add-on for you to see on the website but to be added for the search engines to recognize. 

 To use Yoast's breadcrumb, you need to add this code to the theme you are using. It is best to add in the header.php file, either single.php or page.php depending on your theme.

 Recommended: Yoast SEO

Add anchor text for headings

A simple way to add anchor text to an article is to use the content index. The search engine also identifies content indexes as anchor text that will appear on search results. 

 Recommended: Table of Contents Plus (3 years not yet updated but work like a charm, now many users) or Fixed TOC ($ 20)

Add reviews from readers

The stars on the search results also help to attract hits. When I'm looking for something, it's usually a good idea to look at the ones that are appreciated. So Hieu recommends adding this feature to the article to optimize SEO. 

 Recommended: KK Star Ratings

Add AMP to the search from the dialog

This one, I find it beneficial and also disadvantageous. The advantage here is that the search engine will love your page, the disadvantage is that the AMP interface is not attractive so the viewer will quickly out of your page. But when you go, when the website is big and branded, it always does not affect. 

 Recommended: AMP for WP

Added declaration of sub-article information

Additional information such as author, date of article creation, date of article editing, article home page article ... The search engines pay attention to every little detail on your website. So if you do not declare it, then turn it on. There is a simple plugin by Kazuya Takami that will help you optimize this part of the SEO, you try to see. 

 Recommended: Markup (JSON-LD)


If you are a new blogger and try these tips, Hieu is sure your blog will quickly reach the viewer. Please check your posts with Google Structured Data before and after following Hieu's instructions. You have the time to optimize the external SEO, Hieu is only the internal SEO is the main. Please write as many articles without copying the search engines and appreciate the value of your blog.
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