How to hide comments on Facebook fanpage

With the largest number of Facebook users in the world, Vietnam is a potential market for people to exploit online business. Understanding this, businesses are constantly spending their budgets to carry out their advertising campaigns. Businesses based on online advertising will not avoid the dispute, the risk of robbery. 

How to hide comments on Facebook fanpage

How to hide comments on facebook is a method many businesses advertise online interest. With the large business market, the same group of products and services is inevitable. This raises competition, occupies guests as well as entice guests by every trick. Therefore, if businesses only invest funds for advertising Facebook without understanding the anti-robbery tips, this is disadvantageous and loss of effort that is not effective.
In this article, with us to learn more details how to hide comments on facebook and anti-robbery tips on the fanpage.
How to hide comments on Facebook fanpage
How to hide comments on Facebook fanpage

What is "hijacking" on facebook?

"Hijacking" is a behavior that comes from competitors in the same industry (even the left) to get your customers on their side. This is negative behavior, tricks that do not cost much but still bring customers. Business owners must invest their budgets to run Facebook ads to reach customers, but opponents "wait" for customer comments left on your fanpage and entice them to reach them.
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This is quite common behavior nowadays on Facebook. You can easily lose visitors when profiteers from profitable customers comment on articles, on daily adverts.
In a nutshell, when you run an ad for a product or service, you have to invest a budget for Facebook to reach customers. At this point, the customer is interested in your ad, they comment on the purchase. The competitor immediately collects customer data on your ad and "customer care" on your behalf.
The comments that are most likely to be picked up are phone numbers, email addresses or even home addresses.Competitors take this data and advise customers, introduce their services, products, achieve revenue, profit and cost are less expensive. Competitors may be ready to reach out to your customers by offering lower prices, convincing customers by offering discounts and incentives to attract customers.
On the customer side, almost the first thing they think of when buying a product is the incentive that the business brings. Then, if you do not understand about online advertising facebook, you will easily be appropriated customers in the "warmth".

Robbery by hiding comments on facebook

How to hide comments on facebook is considered effective methods of anti-hijacking negative behavior of the opponent. At this time, you are the administrator of facebook fanpage, only you can see the comments of customers.
There are 2 ways to hide customer comments on facebook. That's how automatic comment hiding and how to hide comments manually. In these two ways, you will not be afraid of being "looking" or profiting from the customer's comments. With us continue to go offline!
Option 1: How to hide comments on facebook automatically
To hide auto customer comments, you need to set up some basic steps. This will help you every time you run facebook ads that appear guest comments, the instant comments are hidden automatically. Only you can see the comments.
Step 1: You visit the fanpage you manage (requires administrator manager).
Step 2: You visit the "Page Settings".
Step 3: At the installation interface, select the "General" tab shown first, right column.
How to hide comments on Facebook fanpage
At the "General" setting displayed with the options, you go to the "Page Censorship" section to add the information and you want to block. Here, the comments in the posts you run ads will be automatically hidden. With this method, you can control your customer comment as well as effectively prevent robbery.
Please fill in the types of information that your customers usually comment on. Such as: 01, 09, dtat, phone, @, gmail, address, ... With these "keywords", when customers comment on their posts, related keywords are immediately hidden. . Thus, the profiteers will not be able to rob your guests anymore.
Also, you should add words to hide comments like: how many, many, many, ... this is the comment of the customer when they ask price. If your competitors get customers who are interested in the same products, they will advise you, even sell them to you cheaper than you.
Research the comments that often appear on your posts. Then, you can complete the settings to hide the comments automatically on facebook and anti-looting of opponents.

Method 2: How to hide comments on facebook manually
This is a passive solution but gives you absolute peace of mind. Because you will not have to waste any of your facebook comments.
Your job is to advertise, review comments on facebook of customers. At each comment section of the guest will appear an arrow pointing down (right corner). Click on it, select display, select "Hide comment" go. This operation manual but not afraid of mistakes or missed customers, and you have to effectively prevent robbery.
How to hide comments on Facebook fanpage
Here are ways to hide comments on facebook we share details. Hopefully, with this article you can understand how to effectively prevent robbery. Running online advertising is a popular, profitable way. However, there are many tricks profiting from the advertising on the fanpage that business owners have to spend a lot of new money. Be smart online, flexible, effective. Please continue to follow more articles to better understand the tricks on the online business offline.
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