How to Make Money Online 7 ways to earn money online today

Making money online or doing online is one of the new trends 2018 has been successful. Sure you have seen people, individuals, collectives just sit at home working still have money to buy a house, buy a car, take care of family. Most often seen on Facebook are photo sharing groups that make money online with income up to thousands of dollars, what is the truth? Let's find ADPIA in this article.
* Note: The content of this article is a combination of knowledge and experience from people who have been successful online jobs, so you filter the word. This is a valuable experience for those who are interested in this topic.

What is money online?

How to Make Money Online

Make money online or make money online, MMO (make money online) are understood with similar meaning, referring to work at home with computers and internet devices. The person doing this job can be proactive in terms of time, place of work, and receive money as a result of the work.
Make money online is not a term in the dictionary, so this concept is formed by a young people to work and create their own community. It's not a mainstream job, but it gives people the opportunity to make a lot of money.
As the demand for online advertising is increasing (Facebook ads, Google ads, ..) bring the demand for brand promotion, product introduction also increased. This is a great opportunity to make money online. Moreover, online jobs do not use too much capital, transportation costs or restrain when traveling, work time ...

The knowledge required when starting to make money online

Making money online is a great job to attract young people. But in order to be successful in the war you need to have some knowledge and attention. Here are some notes that we feel that: "If you do not have it, then learn immediately." 1.Care on Marketing Online 2.Knowledge on the management, website construction. onilne: transfer money, send money 4. orient yourself in the target field  

7 Best way to make money online 2018

We updated this article by the end of October 2018. It means that when you read it, the knowledge inside the article can still be true and completely correct in 2018. We will update continuously the knowledge and concepts in the article to fit the time. the point you read. Here are the top ways to make money online.  

1. Make money online with affiliate marketing with ADPIA

Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Marketing is a new way to make money online, you will receive campaigns from product providers through the network, here is ADPIA.VN. With each successful action, you will receive the corresponding commission.
Make money with Affiliate Marketing at ADPIA you will be collaborating with major e-commerce brand partners such as: Adayroi, Shopee, Tiki, Lazada ... These are developed brands with millions of users. with thousands of transactions per day. Your commission will fluctuate between 5% - 8% for each shared item.
In addition to the exciting events each month, each flash sale big event you will be participating in the top event at ADPIA receive a great promotion each. This is the opportunity to help you reach the top sellers have more motivation to develop their affiliate system.
Special: Affiliate Referrals and Guides for you to have experience in affiliate marketing and communicating. With attractive bonus +100K / 1 user introduced +% commission revenue of affiliate referrals will be a meaningful gift for you.
Who is suitable for this job?
We mention the knowledge required when making money online, this is the point better than you can choose. You have the knowledge of online marketing, seo, facebook ads, google ads.
Preliminary assessment on how to make money  
  • How to make money online sustainably  
  • Risk level: low  
  • Income level: medium - high  
  • Investment capital: low  
  • Difficulty: Medium
You can read more articles: How to  Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?  

2. Make money from electronic money trading

"Trade coin is a form of trading where users use Bitcoin, ETH, etc. as an intermediary to trade on the rise or fall of other coin on the floor."
- By
In Viet Nam, virtual currency is not prohibited from trading, exchanging, donating ... It is forbidden to pay, that is to prohibit it as money. Therefore, Vietnam is a vibrant country on the virtual market. There are two main ways to make money online:  Trade coin by technology and  trade coin by the news .
Trade coin by technology
Trade coin is based on mathematical formulas and chart analysis of price and volume fluctuations to make predictions about placing buy or sell orders. By analyzing and using the technique successfully, the average earned profit of a stable coin will be 10% per day.
Trade coin according to news
The Cryptocurrency market is like the stock market, the news, the rumor decides the up or down of the exchange rate. Profits are subjective and affected by psychological factors, who own coin can increase the amount of coin he gained thanks to psychology and rumors. With trade coin in this form, the profit can be up to 30% - 50% even 200% 300% of the value before the transaction.
Is electronic money trading difficult or easy?
To be able to use the commands and buy or sell is extremely easy. The trading floor has detailed instructions in both video and image so that you can use them. But the decision to buy or sell is extremely difficult to demand that the player must have knowledge, confidential information. So we will call this a difficult form of online money.
[image of electronic money transactions]
Preliminary assessment on how to make money Trade coin  
  • How to make money online fast, not sustainable  
  • Risk level: high  
  • Income level: medium - high  
  • Investment capital: high  
  • Difficulty level: difficult

3. Make money by becoming a Youtuber, Streamer.

Youtuber is a small affiliate of Google Adsense, but now with strong growth and more revenue, we have split them into a real industry. What is a Streamer article How does Streamer make money? to fully understand how they make money.
What is Youtuber Streamer that is so hot?
Youtuber or Streamer are individuals or groups sharing experiences, experiences, help people entertain through audio-visual entertainment channels such as Youtube Facebook. Youtuber Streamer is a new profession that was prevalent in Vietnam when the 4.0 revolution actually exploded. Their success comes from working relentlessly, constantly creating and fervent with the viewer, their field.
The question of income streamers is probably the most interested in you. They want to know how much money PewPew earns per month? How much is MixiGaming a month from the stream? Actually, we can not find exact figures on revenue, because they come from a lot of sources: donate (viewer's favor) revenue from direct advertising from the units put Now, pay for display ads from Youtube and Facebook views. But the most intuitive number you can see is the amount of money they get from Donate. This is public when the stream.
Become a Youtuber Streamer you need to have extraordinary energy.
Since this is a new profession, it is unquestionable that the family (parents, uncles) of older people will not be able to understand what you are doing. Family barriers to preconceptions about the concept of "stable job" will hinder you. If you know the story behind the halo, most streamers have little time for family, even living away from home for a long time.
Vir Viruss has not been to New Year with family yet: Video
Big challenge - big success
Preliminary assessment of how to make money Youtuber Streamer
  • How to make money online sustainably  
  • Risk level: low  
  • Income level: medium - high  
  • Investment capital: high  
  • Difficulty: Medium  

4. Make Money Through Google Adsense and Facebook Audience Network

Although these are two conceptual ways as well as two different monetization solutions providers, we will consolidate into one by thinking and doing the same. You can even integrate both Google Adsense and Facebook Audience Network on your website. 
What is a money-making mindset?
To earn a lot of money this way you need the following basic skills to improve:
  • Skills in website management, website building
  • SEO skills, content optimization
  • Advertising skills, Google ads Facebook Ads
To start with, you need a website that has good traffic, usually over 10,000 visitors per month. In some areas you will have different milestones when signing up, but for an overview you need a website and have great access. Content on the website and social channels must be unique (less 100% duplication). Ensure the above two factors. When signing up for Google Adsense and the Facebook Audience Network, they will put you in the network displaying their advertising content.
(images about adsense)
With the money from the Facebook Audience Network we are allowed to update other articles to find out. This is a new way of earning money because 80% of young people are currently suffering from "Facebook crush".
Preliminary evaluation of how Google Adsense and Facebook Audience Network
  • How to make money online sustainably  
  • Risk level: low  
  • Income level: medium - high  
  • Investment capital: high  
  • Difficulty: high

5. Sell T-shirts on Teespring

This is probably the way to make money on the internet that many of you have seen a lot. This is not a new way to earn money, but few people can stick to it for a long time. There are many reasons why not many people are interested in selling t-shirts on Teespring by working with foreigners you need language and understand how to pay, international money transactions. 
In fact, in Vietnam there are still many individuals, collectives are earning thousands of dollars every month from Teespring. But this is not a playground for beginners, less experienced.
Skills needed to sell Teespring t-shirts effectively: SEO, Ads, Programming.
Preliminary evaluation on how to sell t-shirts on Teespring
  • How to make money online sustainably  
  • Risk level: high  
  • Income level: high  
  • Investment capital: high  
  • Difficulty: high

6. Online sales, online business

Online business is a new model developed in parallel with e-commerce sites in recent years. You can meet thousands of shop sellers on Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, Tiki, .... and on social networks Facebook, Zalo, Instagram ...
You will need to have a good source of revenue, be relevant to the trend and share widely, spread your information to customers through advertising channels. With the growth of Facebook, this is the main direction for you to sell online.
Preliminary reviews on how to do business online
  • How to make money online sustainably  
  • Risk level: high  
  • Income level: high  
  • Investment capital: high  
  • Difficulty: high  

7. Write the standard seo, write advertising

Many of you, while still in school, are familiar with this work, especially in the field of journalism and communication. Writing hiring seo standards, article writing is a job category in content marketing. If corporate or corporate units do not have the resources to do the job, they will find it outside and this is the job for you to write.
Price will be calculated by post / post. Depending on the requirements you will be oder different rates. Average range from 20,000 VND to 100,000 VND. There are special types of articles that will cost more but will not become popular work that everyone do.
The article can be applied on the website, facebook, youtube ... Readers can refer to the article  How to Write ADPIA Money Quality Review article  to learn how to write effective review money.
Preliminary reviews on how to do business online
  • How to make money online sustainably  
  • Risk level: low  
  • Income level: low - average  
  • Investment capital: None  
  • Difficulty: Medium

8. Make Money With Blog / Website Branding

The main products to make money in this way will be their website, blog or personal brand. You will find it very popular in the field of beauty, health, technology, informatics. For those you have the ability to develop your personal brand, for example: Changmakeup - Beauty, Ninh Eating - cuisine, Thạch Phạm - WordPress Blog ... beauty blog. See also:  Beauty blogger? How they make money how similar the way around, to succeed with a blog / website you need to have knowledge of the following: Website Management, SEO, content writing, conveying the content (videos, articles, audio bar).
Particularly for individuals :
Unlike other ways to develop your personal brand, you need to be unique. Just like a lot of food, you have to create your own taste.
Preliminary reviews on how to do business online
  • How to make money online sustainably  
  • Risk level: low  
  • The average income  
  • Investment capital: None  
  • Difficulty: high

4 Ways to make money online should not be involved

1. Type Capcha:

This is a job that many of you will find because they have attractive words. No need to experience, no need to know, just hard work a day 2 hours to 3 hours can earn 300 ~ 500 thousand. This is a job that students choose, but we recommend that you do not participate in this way of making money online. For some reason:
  • Networks regularly scam. You often see on the share group the capcha type will be clear, anyone is skeptical about whether the netwoks have scam or not?
  • Eye damage. Health
  • Inability to develop other skills
  • Misunderstanding does not understand the nature of work and payment
*Explain more:
What is Capcha? Capcha stands for "Computers and Humans Apart," a test that distinguishes humans and computers. Type Capcha on average is paid  1000 images / $ 1 (I personally find this number too cheap compared to the cost you have to accept) 
What is Scam?  Scam means scam. There are many forms of scam online and countless scammers. Scam here networks will not pay for the efforts of the collaborators, intentionally canceling or not recognizing it.

2. Do Online Surveys

If you have ever participated in an online survey you will know the true nature of this. Generally making money from surveys means you will fill in the online surveys available. With each successful survey, you will receive points. This score will be converted to cash when the threshold is reached. It seems simple, but the acceptability threshold of the form is extremely high.
The offer is smartly designed so you never have enough payment thresholds. After a period of no login, the party offering the survey has the right to withdraw your points.
In addition, these server areas are often located in foreign sites so they also implicitly carry a lot of risks. You can not withdraw directly to Vietnam, so there are many friends bitter bitter with this work. This is one form of absolute recommendation that should not be involved .

3. Make Money by Watching Advertising (PTC)

With this form, you will click and view the ad from a given link or send it in the mail. With the click price and see the ads in third countries like Vietnam, it is the number of water droplets. It takes time and does not cost you much money.

4. Multi-level scam ICO

Touching on this issue will touch some individuals, but you are reading this article are new people want to make money with their own strength, this is the absolute way not to participate , do not learn.
Along with the explosive growth of the typical electronic money is Bitcoin, there are many forms of multi-level ICO. The names you can point as: Skymining sure to get used to the regular news of VTV

5 * secret * help make money online never sml

1. True Thought - The spirit of strong will.
Proper thinking, or proper definition of a job is one that you need to take care of first. You have to know what you are doing? What will I do? How long can it last? Where will your revenue come from? These questions will help you shape and understand the true essence of online money making. Strong will, of course. Stable will always be needed in all things of life. Especially true to this online job. No one will pay you monthly, the amount you earn will be proportional to your ability to work. Also, making money online is not a simple task. Personally, when you start work on making money online for new friends. I have seen thousands of new subscribers every month and learn about this work, But not more than 5% of that number continues to work until the second month and of course, the number of people you generate revenue counted on the finger only. Strong will and perseverance will help you to create a good spot for the temptations of life.
Basic knowledge of online marketing, study everywhere and at home with the internet
You should start learning from the basics. There is a truth that we can find 90% of the basic knowledge on the internet. So, why do you lose money to learn the basic courses?
Listen to the stories of people to learn experience.  
3. Financial work management. This will be extremely important for those of you who tend to use promotional tools for online development.
Financial management here is a basic skill with many people. But in this section I want to emphasize again because it will affect your life when participating in making money online. Learn the spending habits of the rich, the successful
4. National and international bank payment skills If you are looking to make money online at ADPIA, great! You do not need to read this section anymore. But if not, find out. The payment skill you need to pay attention to is transfer money from abroad to Vietnam via bank card. The process of payment of credit card, visa card when using the shirt. Tax thresholds and tax-related issues. 5. Ask from the community. Perhaps, we will need to share more with you with every little topic in the above content, but above is what the most general so you can start learning and experience making money online is like any. Make Money Online Speaking easy to many people is not right, but not so hard that you can not learn. There are a lot of people who have grown up every day from this job and have strong financial resources. In so many ways we doRecommend that you join the way of making money with affiliate marketing , affiliate marketing with ADPIA. Along with generating impressive income, when joining the affiliate you can also improve SEO skills, ADS, Online Marketing, Sale, Code, webmaster, human resource management ... Come to ADPIA you They will be guided and involved in the ongoing support community and high commission campaigns from the typical provider.