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Hi, In a recent article cuong has shared with you how to make money with Brave Publisher Program.
** Note that if you have not read the article how  to make money with Brave Publisher Program, cuong recommends that you return to this article to understand and access to this article easier.
Quick summary part 1: Basically Brave is a web browser  similar to Google's Chrome or Cocoa, Firefox, Opera ... But the strength of Brave is the priority of protecting user privacy. When you use Brave to browse the web, it will never be bothered by ads, Brave is also faster than Chrome, more secure than other browsers because of the use of decentralized decentralization technology. .
Also a strong point is that Brave has a bonus mechanism for both browser users and content publishers.
So if you are a blogger or you own a website then you can sign up for the Brave Publisher Program. From there, anyone using the Brave browser to access your website / blog will receive a bonus.
The bonus is an electronic money coin called Basic Attention Token (BAT) by the Brave Foundation itself and is being traded on most international bourses.
And here is the number of BAT that cuong received in the past, has been transferred to the account Uphold.
brave brave bravi
Get 128 BAT through the Brave Publisher Program
*** Note: The number of BATs you receive will be valid from time to time depending on the market. For example, in the image above 128 BAT at cuong this article costs about $ 24. However, this price may go up or down in the future, monitor the price BAT HERE.
In this part 2 , due to complicated operation for those who are not familiar with the field of electronic money so cuong will guide you how to convert this BAT bonus amount into real money (VND) or You can also keep the BAT price up for sale. You can even convert BAT into Bitcoin ...
With the experience of Cuong, you should keep the BAT because Basically BAT is one of 10 potential electronic coins should keep and invest in long time.
Of course you will also have the following choices:
  • You can completely switch from BAT to Bitcoin and keep it for a long time
  • Convert BAT to Bitcoin, ETH, XRP ... and then sell for VND


By participating in the Brave Publisher Program you will receive a BAT rebate, although they allow you to convert this BAT into USD, Bitcoin, Etherum ... supported in your Uphold account.
Make Money with brave
Just click on "Change" in the Uphold account. Then select the currency you want to convert.
Previously, Cuong chose to transfer BAT into USD for the purpose of withdrawing to Payoneer account. However, after checking, Vietnam is not currently among the supported countries , and Payoneer has not accepted the money. related to crypto (electronic money)
Therefore, Cuong decided to keep the BAT for a long time.
You can choose to convert BAT into USD, BTC, ETH ... or the electronic currency you want. If you choose a conversion type, later that amount will be automatically converted into your uphold account.
uphold this
Ok, in this section you can fully install and choose to keep the BAT or convert it to USD, EUR or any coin you want and keep it for a long time and when you feel like selling it. Out on the trading floor.
If you need cash immediately, you can withdraw coin from your uphold account to the spot to sell for VND. In Vietnam, you can transfer BAT to Bitmon for VND, and some other exchanges like Remitano , Alinex ...


All income from Brave Publisher Program will be transferred to your Uphold account.
At Uphold you can:
kay tien voi brave publisher progame
You can also transfer your existing funds into electronic funds using the "SEND to Cryptocurrency or Utilize Token"
As mentioned above, Cuong wants to keep the BAT, so Cuong chooses the "Basic Attention Token (BAT)" to transfer the entire Uphold balance to BAT and transfer it to a wallet on the exchange.
You can also choose other electronic currencies like BTC, DASH, ETH LTC ... as shown below.
uphold this
Ok Cuong will transfer to a BAT wallet on the floor, get this address by pressing "Deposit"
Note: The wallet balance is currently only 55 BAT
Go back to Uphold, and transfer 105 BAT to your wallet address.
After clicking "CONFIRM" , this BAT number will be sent and USD balance in Uphold account will decrease accordingly.
Then about 1 minute Cuong received 105 BAT was transferred to the wallet.
Note: Your wallet balance increases to 160 BAT
Ok so Cuong has successfully transferred the money from Uphold to BAT on the external wallet to store and when BAT prices rise (or need cash) Cuong will sell. 😉
** Note that you can keep this balance on the account Uphold also, Cuong manipulation is to show you the process.
In the future if Payoneer accept payments from electronic money, you can completely withdraw money from Uphold bank account in USD, EUR, GBP ....
ruth tu uphold ve payoneer


So with this article Cuong hopes you have seen that you can make money with the Brave publishing program. Most importantly, making money is completely passive.
Basically you need to do the following:
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