TOP 10 SEO Trends Highlight 2019

There's one thing I really never understood: Maybe people guess it's love but not me, it's Google. Sometimes I feel more comfortable in a love relationship than in a relationship with the search engines (regardless of type or level). They are constantly improving so we have to keep updating otherwise we will have to "break up" with our websites and articles.
I really can not wait anymore and very curious about what will happen to SEO in 2019. In this article let's explore SEO trends next year offline.
But first we mention the changes and the impact of the search engines before seizing the SEO trend.

Changes to the search engines

Search engines seem to change in two main ways. The algorithms are updated first, and the second is the façade of the SERP that changes constantly. These changes are affected by:
  1. Technological innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and large data (machine learning and big data)
  2. User behavior such as: mobile search, voice search, and search intent.
TOP 10 SEO Trends Highlight 2019
TOP 10 SEO Trends Highlight 2019

The impact of the search engine

Yahoo !, Bing, Google and other search engines have great impact on the web. Technically speaking, your online presence is based on advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). We care about SEO because it gives you a higher ranking naturally.
Search engines influence the following aspects of any website: publicity, accessibility, and reliability. These aspects can be created by trending SEO techniques that are white hat SEO, focusing on the reader rather than just focusing on the search engines.
With these changes and influences, we will learn about predictions and the 10 latest SEO trends for 2019 through impressive figures and suggestions for how to use them effectively.

1. Voice Search Revolution

- 90% is Google's ability to capture voice search
- 50% of all searches will be predicted voice searches by 2020.
- Focus on optimizing your local voice search and conversational keywords
- Self-study using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms

2. Research keywords for video

- 41% of web traffic for companies use video in their strategies
- 75% of access will be made through online videos by 2020
- Use video sitemap to inform search engines about video metadata
- Focusing on Milenials and Gen Z, they are the ones who watch the most videos

3. Mobile Index first

-63.4% of mobile internet users by 2019
- 80% of US adult citizens own smart phones in 2018
- Pre-load time on mobile even for your compatible web design
- Confirmed web-based data is compatible with your mobile as well as your computer
- Prepare AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to enhance the user experience.

4. Developing quality content

- 61% of marketers say natural SEO is their top marketing priority
- 84% of users expect content that is relevant and educational
- Remove keyword abuse - focus on specific keywords and have long tail.
- Build quality content, have their own personality.

SSL Secure Sockets Layer

- 82% of respondents indicated that they would leave non-confidential websites
- 31% of domain names in a survey have http links
- Convert your web to http format for added security
- To ensure connectivity, get an SSL certificate

6. Designed for the user's experience

- 70% of customers know a company through their website, not through advertising
- 83% of users said they wanted a seamless experience across all devices
Build a user-friendly web to reduce page rank and high rankings on the SERP
- Optimize your site with title tags, clear navigation menus, CTAs.

7. Blockchain for SEO techniques

- 61.5% is the predicted increase in the worldwide blockchain technology market from 2018 to 2019.
- 53.2% CAGR predicted for the global blockchain technology market by 2025.
- Use blockchain technology for fraudulent ads and cut back on search engine profits
- Add blockchain to the search algorithms to validate the product and make a list of legitimate sellers on the SERP.

8. Marketing with influential people

- 67% of marketers indicate that marketing from influencers helps reach the target audience
- 99% of influential people are using Instagram in 2018
- Persuade influencers to help you create a backlink and give recommendations
- Need help from influencers in content creation and keyword navigation.

9. Long-form content

- 54% of leads come from inbound marketing (value based marketing) instead of advertising
- 70% of marketers lack an integrated and consistent content strategy
- Create value for the user
- Use images to make relevant content and structure it.

Artificial Intelligence

- 38% of consumers said AI would enhance the user experience
- 72% of business leaders view AI as a business advantage
- Get rid of all black hat SEO techniques because algorithms are getting smarter
- Bring context to the content and towards the goals of the searcher
Based on these trending predictions, I've got a better understanding of Google's world and especially SEO activities, which outline what I need to do for the future. I hope this article also positively impacts you, can help you get closer to your goals.
About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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