Why does the content contain rel = "noopener" tags or rel = "noreferrer" tags?

    Why does the content contain rel = "noopener" tags or rel = "noreferrer" tags?
    When your article is linked to a new url using the target = "_ blank" attribute  , you navigate the user to a new url in a new window. However, the target website can use the Javascript command to occupy the right to use the old window.
    Target = "_blank"  is considered by Google to be a security vulnerability, the landing page can control the window being used for the original website through  window.opener  and can open a new url directly on the window using Its  window.opener.location = NEWURL
    To fix this, the administrator should add the  rel = "noopener" attribute  after each link that uses the target = "_ blank"For example: 
    <a href="https://examplepetstore.com" target="_blank" rel="noopener">...</a>
    For sites using the platform sales website multichannel omnichannel Haravan is completely assured ... When writing the system will automatically add  the rel = "noopener"  or  rel = "noreferrer"  on links with target = " _blank " . 
    This is also a trick that helps you to add security to your website. So let's just apply the methods that will automatically add rel = "noopener" to all <a>  tags that contain target = "_ blank" from now on. 

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