Adguard 6.4.1814.4903 - Top ad blocking software

    The Internet contains a lot of useful information, but most websites now contain "advertising kiosks". As soon as you open a web page, your screen will display a lot of ads and annoying pop-ups. This will slow down the entire page load process. Over time, they will create a stressful Internet browsing experience for the user. Some of them can act as gateways to infiltrate your system.

    Adguard provides users with the tools they need to help them surf the Web at ease by eliminating annoying ads, thereby reducing download times and redirects in order to save hits to web content. weight. In addition to the usual advertising, it can block video, multimedia files, and so on. 
    Top ad blocking software

    In addition, it supports a variety of web browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, Safari or Netscape Navigator. It also supports some lesser known browsers such as: Avant, Flock, SRWare Iron, Lunascape, K-Meleon, GreenBrowser, Orca, MyIE, Comodo Dragon, SeaMonkey, Pale Moon, Yandex.Internet or Nichrome.

    In addition, Adguard also has a simple interface as well as an extended version for advanced users. The two main parts include: protection module and installation area. You can easily turn on and off the overall protection mode. 

    Key Features: 

    One of the most effective web filters in the world

    Adguard constantly has improved adware filters. This gives users the most secure online surfing experience they have ever had. 

    Protect yourself from phishing and other online phishing threats

    Adguard prevents users from accessing potentially risky websites and computers. Anti-phishing database contains millions of websites and is updated regularly. In addition, Adguard blocked access to all ad networks created for the purpose of spreading the virus. 

    These two factors come together to provide a comprehensive security solution compared to any online solution available on the market today. 

    Speed ​​up your Internet connection

    If you are surfing the web using 3G or other limited connections, Adguard will speed up your connection, thus giving you a faster web browsing experience. 

    Configure your surfing experience the way you want it

    Adguard provides the ability to configure any website easily to meet your specific needs. Simply look at the bottom right corner of the browser when you surf the web and will see an Adguard button. It will allow you to configure any website to fit your interests, remove nuisances, or file a complaint about the site. 

    Find out which websites you can trust

    Adguard works with the Web of Trust to ensure that you always know about the reputation of the websites you browse. That way, protect yourself against phishing and phishing ads. Page rank ratings from WoT are aggregated from user feedback. 

    Link download: Adguard_v6.4.1814.4903
    Version: 6.4.1814.4903
    Updated: 25/10/2018 
    OS: Windows XP / 7/8/8/1/10 

    Improved and Fixed 

    [Fixed] AdGuard fails to start service 
    [Fixed] Firefox 64 -Third handshake issues with some domains 
    [Fixed] "Service failure" tile and "Trial expired" tile appearing 
    [Fixed] Crash on multiple tray clicks right after installation 
    [Update] AG icon has been updated to a high resolution version 

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