Experience data recovery when deleted

It is unavoidable to install and use Windows on a computer. The data here accidentally or deliberately we have deleted and unfortunately on one day all the data in the machine is gone without any trace because the user was too hasty or do not know much and yet. Have experience when installing new or in the process of using. For example, if you use the Windows 10 reset function and select the clean all drivers function or use usb recover will also suffer the same situation. All partitions will be deleted by Windows and merged into one and then split the partition needed to reinstall win.

Experience data recovery when deleted

We may also be too hasty ghost when mistaken for a partition or during the win you do not specify the correct partition to install and delete it to install win, and inevitably all. Old data will also be erased. 

For some people are always backed up and uploaded to the storage as Google Drive, OneDrive ... but with hundreds of gb data, the download also takes a lot of time. The quick solution is to think of leading data recovery software, depending on the functionality of each software that has different processing directions. 

According to personal evaluation in the process of using the data recovery software for many computers. I did a test to compare the speed and power of the software then I think PartitionGuruis still the most powerful software. Believe it or not, when you use this software to recover your data only takes about 3 hours to total over 300gb of data and no loss of a file. Surprisingly not.

Experience data recovery when deleted

I decided to do tests on my computer, so you can easily imagine your machine has a 500gb hard drive divided into two partitions (C :) 50gb installed win and (D :) is the remaining capacity The data with total data is also nearly filled up ie more than 300 gb. I boot into win pe format 2 partition (C :) and (D :) and then install win (C :) after installation I booted into win pe using diskpart clean install both partitions I created a new partition (C :) with all 500gb and then reinstalled the win the second time. After installation, I booted into win pe running PartitionGuru Pro software.In the software interface split back to the old ie cut the drive (C :) to get 450 gb leaving only 50 gb and create new drive (D :) with the cut size. I cut this drive (D :) to add another drive for example drive (H :) capacity of 100 gb. To do this, right-click on Create New Partition in the Resize Partion interface and just click and drag to the left or right and click Start. If you do not know you can use the software Partition wizard to split also. 

When I created new drive (H :) right mouse (D :) select Recover Lost Files in the Recover files interface to default click StartStart the scanning process. At this point you should watch in the left pane when the software scan to see the old data folder has been displayed, then press Stop , not necessarily wait to scan to 100%. Now you only need to tick the box to grab and then right-click Copy to another drive is, the copy process is much faster than you usually copy on the machine.

Experience data recovery when deleted

If the data you want to get that other drive is full then turn off the drive (D :) drive to create a new drive to finish running the software and how to do the same. Very fast scans for 100% scans are just over an hour.

And here is the tip of the problem is that when you delete or format you do not copy the new data over it but win you will not believe you install the next 100 times the software will scan Make 100 times. In contrast, the D drive is blank format has been that you copy the new data to over, the recovery process will take longer but still get you keep peace of mind because I have tested it just longer than the time still empty.

Another thing you have to do regularly is back up your data by inserting important files into specific directories and then compressing them and then uploading them to the cloud storage, as you overwhelm the software. Because the software only works well when the hard drive is healthy but the hard drive is too close to die then no software can do it. Hopefully, with this little bit of sharing experience, you can fix it yourself when data is lost. 
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