How to market content effectively in 2019

    Content marketing is changing. Here's how to ensure that your Content Marketing strategy is still effective in 2019.
    Digital marketing is changing rapidly. Traditional advertising means are not as successful as before. So how can you ensure that your content marketing strategy is not left behind opponents?
    These 7 tips will help you think about what needs to be improved in the Content Marketing Strategy of 2019:

    1. Do the right things

    The best and first way to get started for 2019 is to look back at your current strategy. Schedule for you and your team to discuss what worked well in 2018 and what needs to be improved.

    7 key points to help 2019 effective Content Marketing strategy
    Specific Content Marketing strategy clearly written.

    A closer look at the Content Marketing strategy can help you understand whether the current plan is still relevant and effective in the next 12 months. If you haven't specifically written strategies, then you can start drafting your plans to help you and your team have a better overview and discussion.
    According to a recent report of CMIs, only 39% of Marketers have built marketing plans in writing. This shows that most marketers do not have a clear plan and strategy and cannot prove whether their plans can bring value to the business.
    The easiest way to modify your content marketing plan is to build a document for your Content Marketing development strategy each year. This helps you have an overview and a basis for evaluating and developing strategies for the next years.

    2. Improve marketing content distribution tactics

    Content distribution is an important part of Content Marketing strategy. Building a quality content will not make any sense if the content is not displayed to the right audience you desire.
    The content delivery system is also changing, and will be a big challenge for content marketers in 2019. That is finding new distribution channels and building content distribution tactics to the audience. fit.
    Review your entire data to discover where the best conversion rates are and analyze carefully to understand the audience's habits before distributing marketing content to them.
    To do that, you must answer the following questions:
        • Which channel has the best conversion rate?
        • What is the journey that your audience comes to your website?
        • What kind of content does the audience you are using tend to approach these types of content?
        • When is the best time to reach an audience?
        • What is the best message to show marketing content?
        • Ideal frequency for content appearance?
    These questions can help you update your Content Marketing strategy and adjust to the needs of your target audience to get the best performance in content delivery.

    3. Focus on the channels that work best

    Focus on the channels that work best
    Which content distribution channel is most effective for you?

    When you are distributing your content to a lot of channels, list out which channels are most effective for you to use it more strategically. Find out which channels your target audience spends the most time and create a plan to reach them.
    Using the right channel, the right audience, the right time is the first criterion in content distribution. Focus resources on effective content delivery channels. However, do not hesitate to approach new distribution channels to test their effectiveness.

    4. Narrow your audience

    Content marketing does not mean reaching as much as possible. Even if you don't target a large-scale marketing campaign that is perceived on a large scale, figuring out a specific audience will still make sense.
    Modern marketing does not mean trying to "shout" your message to everyone and hopefully someone will listen. It is time to set up a specific strategy and clear approach.
    Do not be afraid to narrow down the audience will reduce your customers, you can not please all! Conversely, focusing on an appropriate audience will help you increase your conversion rate.

    5. Don't create new content just for the sake of it

    Maybe you think it's good to create new content every day. However, it will be time for you to have too much content without enough time for content to reach the target audience.
    Just before creating the next content, please specify the goal that this content will aim for and the desire to achieve from it.
        • Will the content you create fit the general marketing goals?
        • Is content relevant to your audience?
        • Is the content new and useful for your audience?
    Many marketers spend a lot of time just rewriting old content on the website instead of creating new content. This is also a good way to maintain good SEO strategy, while ensuring your content is always "trendy".
    content just for the sake of it

    If you created a very successful blog post earlier in 2018, you can consider its relevance for 2019 and update it as needed. This way, you are maintaining good SEO performance, and you can continue to promote this content for the upcoming plan.
    Updating content is no longer timely, making them new and capable of continuing to bring value to your audience in the present and future. So consider it part of your plan instead of just creating new content and leaving the previous content "dead."

    6. Use budget and time for testing

    Although prioritizing effective content delivery channels, you need to devote a certain budget and time to testing new things.
    Finding new channels and implementing new advertising tactics can create a breakthrough for your upcoming Content Marketing strategy. Certainly there will be many risks, but it is important that you learn useful lessons for yourself. It can also be a great opportunity to catch the trend when approaching new technologies.

    7. And, put your target audience first

    The best way to ensure your content marketing strategy is successful in the next 12 months is to continue listening to the needs of your audience. If your audience changes, make sure that your Content Marketing strategy changes accordingly.
    Spend more time researching, understanding the needs and behavior of the audience you currently have and what they need from you.


    The best thing now is to look back at your entire content marketing campaign in 2018.
    You and your team sit together and analyze all of your campaigns, even if they can meet your business's Marketing goals and see what needs to be improved. good for 2019.
    Find the most effective content distribution channel and spend more time on these channels.
    Always listen to your audience to catch up when their needs and habits change.

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