Install Classic Editor for WordPress

Bring the Classic Editor back to WordPress, replacing Gutenberg.
WordPress 5.0 was officially released to users. Except for the Gutenberg editor and a new theme - Twenty Nineteen (2019), WordPress 5.0 has barely improved significantly. However, the new editor again makes many people confused and a little uncomfortable to use. It is completely different from the classic editor (Classic Editor) that existed in many previous versions of WordPress.

Install Classic Editor for WordPress

Gutenberg developed in the same direction as the content builder such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Thrive Architect ... but more limited features, half fat half fat so it is quite difficult to get acquainted. Although Gutenberg has started testing on recent WordPress versions. However, I'm sure many users still can not "love" it.
Install Classic Editor for WordPress
The question is: how to bring the classic editor back to the WordPress version 5.0, replacing Gutenberg? Fortunately, WordPress developers are not that "cool" and they've got a plugin ready to do that.

Classic editor for WordPress

1. First, you need to install and activate a plugin called  Classic Editor .
2. Go to Settings => Writting . Here you will see a few more settings.
  • Default editor for all users : Select the default editor for all users (Classic Editor or Gutenberg).
  • Allow users to switch editors : Allows users to switch editors to suit their needs.
If you select Yes , in the sidebar of the editor will appear the option to switch between Classic Editor and Gutenberg.

If you select No , by default all users will use the editor you have set up.
It's simple, right? Good luck!
Have you updated to WordPress 5.0? Are you using the Gutenberg editor? Personally, soon after completing this article, I also installed the plugin to switch back to the classic editor. Gutenberg is too "prison".
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