Payoneer Subscription Receives $ 25 Free

    PayPal has always been the international payment method used by many to receive commissions from foreign companies. Easy to use but using PayPal also comes with a lot of nuisances such as being vulnerable to limits, locking accounts and high costs.
    With the advent of  Payoneer , now it's easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective to receive payments from foreign companies than PayPal. It takes about 2 hours to reach the account and you can withdraw directly to the bank account US (time received on the day) or withdraw money directly at the ATM with the visa icon across the country.
    Payoneer Subscription Receives $ 25 Free
    Payoneer is supported by Amazon, Teespring / Viralstyle / Teechip / Sunfrogshirt / Teezily, ClickBank, CJ / Linkshares / Shareasale, Airbnb, Fiverr / Upwork ... and over 3,500 other partners so you almost  make money online Payoneer to receive money.
    Payoneer has many support policies for the user, one of which is the VIP account . When you receive a large monthly payment on your Payoneer account, you will be upgraded to a VIP with a reduced fee for withdrawals, special withdrawals, and more ..
    The only condition is that you must receive> = $ 1000 from any Payoneer partner. The $ 25 fee will automatically be added to your account after 1-2 weeks of eligibility.
    The account registration Payoneer  completely free , operation is extremely simple implementation.

    I. Payoneer registration instructions

    If the interface does not appear in US, in the "Select your language" section at the top right, select US.
    1. Visit the promotional link , scroll down and click the Subscribe & Get $ 25 *
    Payoneer Subscription Receives $ 25 Free
    Enter the personal information as requested and click  CONTINUE
    Fill in detailed and accurate contact information and press  CONTINUE
    Dang ky Payoneer B2
    • Registration information must be accurate and specific to further verify the information and receive the card later. 1 person registering multiple accounts will be locked out.
    • Address: 2 lines, no more than 30 characters each. The above line is not enough to write down the line.
    • City: city name.
    • Postal / Zip Code: now 6 digits, see the new Zip Code / Postal Code.
    • Cellphone: country code +84, phone number you omit 0 at the beginning.
    Enter your account information and security and click  CONTINUE
    Note: The wrong ID will be blocked later. Password of at least 7 characters and include at least 1 number.
    5. Fill in your bank account information and click CALL  to finish.
    • All information recorded in English or US without accent.
    • Bank Name: You can search fast.
    • Branch Name: where you register your bank account. Can contact the bank to ask for sure.
    • Account Name: your name or relative (later need to validate the relationship).
    • SWIFT / BIC: refer to this list .
    Immediately after linking your bank, your registration has been completed. Please wait for Payoneer to view and browse your account. You can contact Customer Care at any time to check the status of your account.
    About a few days after, you'll receive an email with something like this:
    That means you have finished Step 1: Sign up . You can now log into your Payoneer account at  with the following information:
    • Username:  Payoneer registered email
    • Password:  enter at registration
    When logging in to Payoneer, you will be asked to create the remaining 2 security questions  (ie, a total of 3 sentences & do not forget to save for later password change, withdrawal, money transfer Payoneer will ask you to pay words for these questions). This time, you can not do more with your Payoneer account because the registration request is still in the process of browsing.
    You may receive an email asking for a photo ID authentication at this step, or after requesting a card. Please click on the Upload Documents link in the email received, fill in the necessary information as below and then upload the picture is complete.

    II. Request a Payoneer Card

    The Payoneer card allows you to use it to pay online or to withdraw cash directly from ATMs with a visa logo. Placing a card and receiving a card is free, but you need to consider some things before making a decision:
    • You do not need a card to withdraw money directly into your bank account, it is cheaper to withdraw at ATM and have better rates. Time received in the morning, morning withdrawn always received!
    • Using the card will cost you an annual $ 29.95.
    • The cost of using the card when paying online or withdraw money at ATM plants is quite large.
    Therefore, if you do not really need it, you should not ask what the Payoneer card does. Refer to this article for more information.
    As soon as your application is approved, log into your My Account page and place your Payoneer card.
    The card will be delivered to your home address registered with DHL service, the time may take 1 to 2 months depending on the location. To track the process of shipping your card, please refer to this article .
    This step is complete, you can receive money from the partners of Payoneer then. Still have not received the card Payoneer Mastercard but you already have an account to receive money US . See the step-by-step guide.
    After receiving the card, please login to your Payoneer account using your registered email and password and follow the attached instructions to activate the card. See more Payoneer card activation video .

    III. Get US bank account information to get money on Payoneer

    To receive money in your Payoneer account, you will need to provide US bank information. To get the account information, select Receive / Global Payment Service from the menu.
    All your Payoneer information will be displayed here, some important information to use such as:
    1. Bank Name
    2. Routing (ABA) or Bank Routing Number
    3. Account Number
    4. Account Type
    5. Beneficiary Name
    You fill out the payment section of the site to receive money through Payoneer.
    All instructions for Payoneer account registration, card receipt and use is so complete. Wish you money to load up.
    Click on the following link to start your Payoneer account !

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