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I want to use WordPress as a basic web-based CMS instead of a blog. I have many pages and currently do not intend to make a news page ("news" page).
While there are many ways to do this, the focus in the wp-admin panel is obviously on new posts and creating pages with custom content like maps and galleries. I feel like working out of the system instead of working with it.
What suggestions do you have for using WordPress as a CMS?
  • Is there a good theme theme (boilerplate theme) designed for CMS instead of blog?
  • Are there any plugins that treat WordPress as CMS?
Also, should I use WordPress?

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The breakthrough feature that made WordPress 3.0 go from being an expanded blogging tool to a CMS that meets eight out of 10 needs is the  Custom Post Types  (with the addition of Custom Taxonomies from v2.9). Enclosed is the new Menu system in 3.0.
So, if you want to learn WordPress as a CMS, learn Custom Post Types first. Here are some articles you can start with:
There are also some plugins that can make Custom Post Types easier. But there is no particular order and it takes time and effort to be able to master it, so consider:
For theme is another issue. While the theme blog uses the same use-case template, each person's CMS needs may be different. Because no business is the same (a restaurant needs different layouts with a yoga room, movie theater or fabric store). And at least I think it's hard to find a ready-made theme for your work. It's a good idea to look for a good looking theme and plan accordingly. Or hire someone to design a custom WordPress theme. Sorting them in layers at the beginning of the theme like the   Genesis Framework from StudioPress  is a good way.
I think it's best to find themes that support the WordPress 3.0 menu system and then decide next. Have read the articles on google as below:


If you want to ask about admin user interface refinement, please post  Posts and Pages and other blogging tools, first you need to put your specific CMS content into the admin. Can I suggest another question on this topic?
Update:  Here are some screenshots of some of the projects I'm doing. Hope they will suggest what you should do:
Tip to use WordPress as a CMS
Answered by MikeSchinkel
Thanks Mike - The answer is wonderful and easy to understand. Currently I do not care about the admin page but expect more of you. PS: Thanks for your direct google link instead of lmgtfy.com. - Damovisa
I have never heard of lmgtfy.com. Anyway, I'll see how bad it is. (And do not forget to rate this as the best answer!). - MikeSchinkel
I think what   Damovisa is referring to is  lmgtfy.com  - davemac
@Mike: The screenshots are great! You can share how to be like (script, class or plugins, etc)! Thank you very much! - Tran
@rilwis - I customize each one. I do the lawyer page with a "post fields" plugin and I'm developing it. The restaurant menu, I use a lot of jQuery. I'm planning to include some of these so that more people can use it in mid 2011. - MikeSchinkel
Thanks for your information. Hope to have a chance to read your instructions soon. - Tran
How do you create a custom field to upload a photo? I used to do it with flutter / magicfields, but I'm not sure it will be compatible with  WP3.  - ozke
@ozke - Thanks for your comment. This is really a questionable issue. I see this question to be a new question instead of discussing in this comment. Post this question, I and everyone will be able to answer more deeply and give you links or source code. You can post details and link to my answer on this page if you like. - MikeSchinkel
@MikeSchinkel Sorry for talking about the old problem but the screenshots are great! Do you save them all like post meta? - helgatheviking

Other answers

If you feel that customizing post templates is too difficult
Take a look at a very famous plugin:  "pods" plugin . It has many outstanding features and has some "add-ons" and child plugins called  "pods ui". Pods itself will allow you to add table types to your DB. It also allows them to be linked to the available wp DB tables. So if you want to (for example) extend the data stored with a user, you simply add a  pod  named "extended userdata" and link it to the existing user data. It is done. "Pods UI" also allows you to create beautifully used interfaces easily.
They will help you manage and build everything you need. Every developer is not just asking for form, they have a perfect forum, and you will catch them almost every day in their irc-chat room. I've created two pretty large web pages for managing events plus the whole organization in the background. I'm still very impressed with how it works. Really good, even when there are hundreds of visitors at the same time.
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