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TVTools AlterID v2.0

TVTools AlterID v2.0 is a small and completely free tool that allows you to reset TeamViewer IDsTVTools AlterID has 3 re-ordering options: Trial (Free 7-Day Trial), Free (Limit Features Include Ads) and Delete (Returns Original ID).

TVTools AlterID v2.0 - Reset ID for all TeamViewer versions

  • Launch TVTools_AlterID , choose one of three Trial - Free - Wipe modes , click the Start button , wait for 100% process, click the End button .
How it works:
  • Trial - reset the ID, restart TeamViewer, register the new ID with the trial license.
  • Free (Free) - Reset ID, restart TeamViewer, register new ID with free license.
  • Wipe - Returns the initial ID received when you start TeamViewer for the first time.
The advantages of free trial vs. trial licenses:
  • There are no advertising windows without patches.
  • There is no message about completing the free session, both you and the client.
  • There is no doubt about commercial use and related restrictions.
  • You can work with custom modules for unlimited 5 minutes.
  • Many features of commercial licenses are available, described on the program's website.
  • When AlterID starts, it tries to determine the path to TeamViewer, so TeamViewer must be running or AlterID must be in the TeamViewer folder. On the other hand, AlterID will ask you to specify a path to TeamViewer and if the path can not be determined, it will complete its work.
  • If the trial mode is selected (default), the trial license will end after 7 days. Then, you must renew your trial license for another 7 days or restart AlterID to reset the ID.
  • If at the time of reset the TeamViewer ID is launched, it will restart. On the other hand, one of the launched AlterID directories has been launched or the path specified at startup (in the previous version the other way).
  • AlterID will not work after applying patches that change the way UUIDs are taken (for example, patches from vcart).
  • If after applying AlterID, you decide to use Launcher 5.x, then start AlterID in Deleted mode.
  • AlterID's work does not depend on the TeamViewer version, so you can update TeamViewer to the current build at any time.
Command line parameters:
  • / h, / help - displays information about command line parameters.
  • / f, / free - display information about command line parameters.
  • / s, / silent - AlterID runs in silent mode (no GUI).
  • / w, / wipe - returns the initial ID obtained in the first TeamViewer launch.
  • For example: 
    AlterID.exe / s / f - will start without GUI, will get new ID with free license. 
    AlterID.exe / s / w - performs the deletion in silent mode. 
    AlterID.exe / s - in silent mode will get new ID with trial license.
Download TVTools AlterID v2.0
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