Why is Christmas usually held from December 24 evening?

    According to the majority of Christian believers, Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, today a Palestinian city, then Roman Empire, between 7 BC and year 2.
    Even from the early Christian period, although the Church had not yet celebrated the celebration of the birth of Jesus, December 25 was considered the birthday of Jesus. For centuries, Christian historians accepted this December 25.
    By the early eighteenth century, scholars began to propose other explanations. Isaac Newton suggested that Christmas was chosen on the winter solstice, which according to the calendar of that time fell on December 25 because for Christians, Jesus was "the sun of justice".

    Christmas tree
    In 1889, French scholar Louis Duchesne argued that the chosen time was the Christmas day counted by nine months after the Annunciation, the day Jesus was conceived, the tradition was very early in the Church linking death and the incarnation of Jesus together, whereby these two events fall on the same day in the calendar: March 25 according to the Western calculation or April 6 according to the Eastern calculation. Therefore, assigning December 25 as Christmas day without the influence of paganism, until the Emperor Aurelianus wanted to turn this day into paganism, it was in turn that Christians re-adapted the day to celebrate the celebration Christ's birthday.
    Christmas Day is officially celebrated on December 25 but is usually celebrated from the evening of December 24 by the Jewish calendar, the time of starting a day is at sunset rather than midnight. The official ceremony on December 25 is called the "main ceremony", while the night of December 24 is called "feast" and often attracts more attendees. 
    The meaning of Christmas
    On the night of December 24, all places such as the cathedral or every household decorated the cave with a manger, inside there was a statue of the Comedy of the Blessed Virgin. There are donkeys, statues of the Three Kings, some angels, St. Joseph ...
    Previously, Noel was a celebration of the birth of Jesus. But now, in addition to Christian meaning, Noel is also a big holiday for families, a special day to gather people, every generation in the family.

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    Santa Claus
    At the same time, Christmas or Christmas is also a message of peace, which is Glory to the High God - Peace to the people under this, This is also the day everyone can give each other sympathy and sharing. sincere, caring and loving people with disadvantaged people, abandoned people, lonely people and sick people, old people ...
    Noelt is derived from Latin meaning "born". It is also suggested that the name Noel derives from the title Emmanuel, in Hebrew meaning "God is with us", written in the book of Matthew.
    In English, this popular holiday is called Christmas. The word Christ is the title of Jesus, and the word Mas means mass. Therefore, Christmas in the sense of extract is "the feast of Christ". The word Christ originated and was written in Greek which means anointed One, beginning with the letter "Χ" so Christmas is also abbreviated as Xmas.

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