Distinguish Digital Marketing And Online Marketing

    Distinguish Digital Marketing And Online Marketing?

    When it comes to Digital marketing, you talk about using digital channels that include devices and platforms (regardless of whether they're online or not) to build or promote your marketing message. to users.

    Online Marketing and Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing) are terms that are often confused with each other and often abusive in naming them. I see a lot of friends working in the advertising marketing industry but sometimes I wonder if they work in the digital array or online. And still many people do not understand what Digital Marketing is and Online Marketing is.

    This article helps answer questions and relieve the small confusion mentioned above. It sounds very normal, not even important, but knowing the difference is what Digital Marketing is and Online Marketing will help us a lot in:
    • Choose the right channel and support the formation of an overall marketing strategy.
    • It can also help analyze current strategies by classifying which types of marketing, which channels are wasting their money. To know the money of the effort we spend will bring consistent results, long-term sustainability or simply dump the river.
    Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing): a broad term that is universal
    When it comes to Digital marketing, you talk about using digital channels that include devices and platforms (regardless of whether they're online or not) to build or promote your marketing message. to users.
    In other words, with Digital Marketing is not limited to just using the internet, but in this way Digital Marketing can be viewed as a broader term as it includes a wide variety of marketing techniques.
    For example, if you want to run a mobile SMS marketing campaign to send customers the upcoming promotions from your business, the technology is used to create and send automated messages, but people Use without Internet connection to receive SMS.
    Summary: Anything that works as a digital platform can be considered Digital Marketing, can list some cases like: Email, E-book, Games, Content, Video, Mobile Marketing, Quang TV, Digital OOH ... etc ...
    Online Marketing: immediately identify actions when interacting
    Online Marketing, also known as internet marketing,  is a subset of Digital Marketing. The main features of Online Marketing are that in order to be able to do it requires an internet connection.
    For example, if we do a CPC / PPC campaign (pay per click) or an image display ad on a website (Display Ads) for a business or brand, we're making a picture. Formula of Online Marketing.
    Like Digital Marketing, Online Marketing is developed with technology. However, I think that Online Marketing is developing and innovating so fast (every day, every hour) so that it is very difficult for people to catch up with everything. In addition, for a newcomer, Online Marketing seems more flashy and overwhelming because nowadays everyone is referring to it and easy to reach, this is one of the main reasons causing confusion that Digital Marketing & Online Marketing is one.
    List some Online Marketing-related cases or actions such as Website, SEO, SEM, Display Ads (display advertising), Social Media, ... etc ...
    Is it best to use Digital Marketing or Online Marketing?
    Most businesses will always try to do some digital marketing, which is great but not enough. In order to create and implement a good marketing plan, it is necessary to understand many different issues, and depends on many factors such as: type of business, field of activity, budget, objectives, target audience. goods ... etc ... However, you should use the data to help make the best decisions.
    For this reason, the advice is that we should use at least one form of online marketing to benefit from the data that can be gathered from them, and also to measure the results that your efforts bring.
    For example, use Google Analytics, for example, if you do a PPC campaign, and add conversion tracking. And to see exactly what your budget is being spent on and analyze to see if the results are obtained, the budget is spent appropriately & effectively.
    Is the difference really important?
    The truth is, this difference is not too influential. This article discriminating Digital Marketing and Online Marketing is not to distinguish right from wrong, but to achieve the important purpose is that you understand the meaning of each problem and choose channels, media, using tactics (tactics) appropriately when developing an overall marketing plan.
    And the next important thing to remember is: strategy. Whether you use channels, tactics, approaches ... how to do marketing, there is always a clear plan and strategy to implement. How do you want to get results and goals? How to make the plan achieve the desired results? Who are customers, where, habits? Want access to increase awareness (awareness) or want to achieve deeper results and know what the money has invested? … A lot of problems.
    Setting up questions, problems & solving them will help to have a proper plan or strategy, thereby helping to choose the right and effective approach and approach. Hopefully the article will help you understand what Digital Marketing is.

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