4 financial investment experience from successful people

By insurancefinances.com Updated: 30 Jan, 2019

1. Patience 

Patience is a virtue of a talented investor. When they have invested in some field they will look carefully and are ready to wait for the opportunity to succeed.
Warren Buffett once shared: I have never intended to invest in the stock market. I only bought it because I thought it was closed tomorrow and opened it again five years later.

4 financial investment experience from successful people

2. Having a clear investment strategy

In order to invest successfully, investors must have a clear strategy. Everyone pursues their strategy to achieve success.

Warren Buffett only likes to invest in some stocks, he said: diversification is a way to resist what we don't know. But it doesn't make sense to those who know what they're doing.

Financial investor J.Paul Getty said: buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying. This is a catchy slogan but also a strategy if you want to invest successfully.

3. High concentration 

One of the financial investment experiences of successful people is to be highly focused. Most successful investors only invest in one area and stick to it. For example, Warren Buffett invests in stocks, Donal Trump is primarily investing in real estate, Jim Rogers focuses on futures contracts.

4. Take advantage of market trends 

A successful and successful investor is always calm before the market fluctuations. And know how to turn it into an advantage to take advantage of, develop.

Warren Buffett recommends that you consider market volatility as a friend and not an enemy. Make money from crazy acts and not participate in it.

Above are some financial investment experiences from successful people. Also want to succeed in financial investment you need to pay attention to many other factors such as discipline, confidence, risk tolerance, strong financial background, quickly stand up after failure, ... F88 Wish you will achieve your wishes.