How To Build The Right Goal For Your Seo Strategy

    A seo campaign works well when you set your goals and are able to accomplish that goal. The more specific the goal, the easier it will be. The results are easy to identify the right direction of the implementation process. It helps the evaluation to have adjustments accordingly. 
    Unfortunately, most companies tend to give up their goals while working on the second month. The departure may be due to the impatience of wanting a quick result. Or the process is too time-consuming for them to give up and move on to other goals.
    Most companies often have goals around budgeting and spending. They often look for goals that need further investment as well as cutting back. And Seo is often misunderstood about the nature and the way it works. As a result, if the goal is to increase traffic to the website, the results are not immediate. They often stop and move to follow another direction 
    Seo is a long-term activity. At least within a year, if done properly, will yield many favorable results. But to have a long-term and effective plan is not easy. Seo improves the declining business performance of businesses. Is a strategy that brings great success not to be missed.
    If you don't have the time or expertise to implement your own effective seo strategy. You can build a solid foundation of this online marketing channel. By implementing SMART goals.

    What is the SMART goal of SEO?

    Entering the business path, you must have heard of SMART goals. If you do not know the meaning of these abbreviations, it is: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. This can be called a general formula for the success of your Seo goals. Instead of removing them after the first month of implementation. 
    You have many opportunities to fully exploit the entire seo strategy strengths through proper implementation. If your goal is just to top the list of certain keywords. You will feel hopeless and frustrated with such an elusive goal. Instead of setting out a series of good goals, we can make them easier to implement and identify through the SMART formula.

    Detail goal:

    It is difficult to succeed and guide the implementation of a goal in the seo strategy. Because it is too general and vague. Instead of wanting to be top 1 of some keywords, it will definitely help businesses grow. In fact, there are many businesses topping the ranking of keywords. But that doesn't improve the real benefits they bring. 
    For small and medium enterprises, this goal is too large. A better way instead of choosing such a big goal. We can set smaller, easier to implement goals such as increasing website traffic, attracting potential customers, ...

    Measured goals:

    Specific goals are better than large and ambiguous goals. Because it can be easily measured. An unmeasurable goal also becomes meaningless. 
    The leading position of a keyword increases website traffic, which contributes to increased sales. In the process of getting more website traffic, many companies often ignore important analyzes that contribute to their results. 
    Remove big, vague goals into smaller, more specific goals that can be measured. And let's see how much traffic your site receives, what attracts people to the site. As well as what makes them have to buy, what time has the most traffic and demographics of visitors to your site.
    Seeing your analytics details can help you find better measurable goals that you can continue to improve. If your SEO goals are not measurable, they are not SMART goals. You will take a lot of time to achieve them.

    Goal achieved:

    Do you always want to lead for specific keywords or search terms? However, this is not a "achievable" goal. Because your competitors also want to achieve at that time. So how do you know if your SEO goal is actually achieved? Ask yourself a few questions: 
    Do you have the resources to achieve these goals? 
    Do you understand how those goals really impact your business? 
    Can you compete with competitors currently dominating the search engine results page? 
    Setting a goal that is not feasible will make the process of implementing a misguided and vague SEO strategy. The goal you set contributes significantly to the easy and fast implementation.

    Real goal:

    If your SEO goals include targeting. Those are specific search terms that are highly competitive. You will have a harder battle to fight. Coming to the practical goal requires business owners to analyze and evaluate their current resources. 
    Failure, frustration and waste of time with resources are common results. Starting from the difference between business goals and resources is not enough for businesses to achieve that goal.

    Timely goals:

    The time required to set up, monitor, maintain and view SEO results takes a lot of time. To realize the change compared to other marketing forms. Google's search ranking algorithm is constantly changing. Requires us to monitor continuously and adjust SEO strategy. There is no exact time level for SEO success. Because it can take months to a few years to see positive results from SEO. 
    However, it has been divided into goals: specific, measurable, realistic and achievable. Each goal has its own time limit. Having a fixed time for a goal will help you focus on it. And will give you more motivation to achieve. Targets with no timelines or specific time periods are more likely to be removed or postponed.
    Although the SMART goal will not create the top effective SEO strategy for your company. But they can help you build a winning SEO strategy. And eventually will help your overall business and marketing goals succeed.

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