Learn the necessary seo steps for Newbie

    The mistakes and difficulties for the new SEOers are challenges for you to be more stable on the road to conquer the peak. To make important breakthroughs, to improve your level you need to master the necessary steps in seo to take the website to new heights
    Learn the necessary steps for Newbie

    1Optimize power on the site

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    Optimizing the power on the site is one of the most important and necessary things. If you are too unfamiliar with the term Link Juice, then you definitely need to learn and master it. This gives you an increased knowledge of how to make your website more powerful, which helps improve keywords on search engines. Try to focus the power on important sites that need to be covered by internal navigation. This has been used by a lot of famous Seoer businesses and successful

    2Pay attention to the image size

    One of the critically important criteria for user experience is the low page load speed. And the main reason for this problem is the image size, please choose for yourself the methods to optimize image size compression before posting on the website. Certainly, the user experience will be greatly increased, the page loading speed will improve, which means that your keywords will quickly "reach" from the best user experience.

    3404 -Link error broken

    The appearance of 404 error on your website is a factor to cause heavy losses to users' hits. It is absolutely necessary to overcome this phenomenon by creating a 404 page or redirecting broken links to another page with similar content that will effectively increase the power of the website.
    One of the solutions that seo often resonates with 404 errors is to create the same content then the next navigation is to Search Console >> Collect data >> Error collecting Selected data not found. In addition, we will need to find all pages that have a 404 link that redirects to the appropriate content that is one of the classic experiences that Newbie needs to care about.

    4Analyzing the opponent's backlink

    Knowing you know how much you win, if you can analyze your team's backlink system will give you the experience to get competitive. But this is one of the mistakes that young people have. often encountered. Use the power of Ahrefs to accompany you in rival analysis strategies

    5Don't forget to use the power of social networks

    Social networking is an effective tool to help you understand the desires of legitimate users who are interested to be able to attract traffic to find potential keywords to avoid obsolete. These keyword phrases. This will give you the opportunity to reach out to customers in the best way

    6Content creation on the page

    A quality content aimed at users with creativity will be a measure to influence your rating. Take advantage of quality content that navigates users to sites where you want to increase keyword placement. This will not be small to help your website become the most powerful
    Great tips, the necessary steps in the above for Newbie definitely become the perfect handbook to help young people new to their skills perfect, surely you will feel markedly fruit.

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