Mistakes when building links you need to be very careful

    Link Building , also known as link building for websites , is one of the most important jobs that top-notch techniques greatly affect the success or failure of your Seo campaigns. In addition, it is considered as one of the hard work that requires Seoer to be careful to bring the absolute power to help the website get high rankings on Google.
    However, there are many common mistakes coming from links building affecting website quality affecting keyword rankings. Summarize mixed arguments. Seo resonance service brings to share so you can proactively identify and overcome these mistakes.

    Links are factors that affect the unique website ranking

    If you still think links are one of the factors that affect the ranking of a single website, this is one of your extremely wrong views. Because a website only achieves the absolute strength threshold if it converges all the advantages like:
    • User experience
    • Stop time (dwell time)
    • Usability on mobile devices
    • Quality content
    • Onpage SEO
    • Organic search results, ...
    So do not take too much care in building links or it will easily make your website manual. Also keep in mind that Content, links and RankBrain are the most important factors to assess your website's strength to make keywords more accessible to searchers.
    Link Building is not the only factor to promote keywords

    Links have the difference between uppercase and lowercase

    Many people think that Links has the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. However, according to Google, it is clear: No matter how your anchor text is written, it will not affect search results. Experiment with Seo resonance keywords and SEO COMMUNITY we all get about the same result. That's why capitalization or writing often doesn't affect you, so you won't need to spend too much time doing this. Instead, you should diversify Anchor text to expand your keywords to reach more potential customers

    External Links are much more important than Internal Links

    If you think that External Links is more important than Internal Links, it is indeed one of the unfortunate mistakes, even one of the disastrous mistakes that you need to keep in mind.
    Internal Links is one of the solutions that gives the website strength, bringing differences to be able to improve and increase rankings. It is even more appreciated than external links to help users stay on the page longer. According to Google's keyword ranking criteria there are many different factors that affect rankings and External Links is just one of the small factors.

    link building
    Source: netregistry.com.au

    Links from pages are also not a field that does not help in ranking

    Do not take too much links Building from websites with the same field, keywords that ignore Links come from famous websites with high reputation. If you're lucky enough to get links from well-known websites though it's not the same field, it certainly gives you extremely useful elements to benefit your website to help improve your keywords. Good rank.
    links Building from websites

    Spam too much alt in the image

    The habit of building Seoer's links Building by spamming too many keywords in the Alt tag of the image is definitely not a little. Because they think that for search engines, they will not read images but only take care of them. However this is one of the extremely wrong views. When Google search engines are becoming more and more intelligent than images that appear too many times on a website or spam too many keywords in images will be factors for Google to not appreciate your website. Therefore, in your Pictures Building campaign, it is only really effective if you choose and suitable images as well as placing reasonable Alt tags.
    links Building from websites
    Referring to useful knowledge is one of the useful and necessary jobs for Seoer. However you need to choose to choose for yourself useful knowledge. Hopefully, after clearly identifying the mistakes when building the Building link for the website, you can eliminate bad habits to help your website quickly conquer users through keywords with stuff. high class. Do not forget to return to the website because Seo resonates will continue to bring you and useful information for you to grasp

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