Top 10 speed testing tools for websites today

Don't think that all users use high-speed Internet connections. If your site takes a long time to download, your customers will leave. Of course because I don't like it in myself. So you have to do your best to make your website load as quickly as possible which is very important to decide whether customers visit your website or not.

With the aim of helping you build and review factors that interfere with website performance to make the best web improvement for faster loading. We will introduce you 10 best speed testing tools for websites today.

This is a good idea to help you use some of the web's load-speed testing tools so that you can get the most comprehensive view of the load speed problems of your web. All these online check tools are free so why don't we try it?

Top 10 best website speed testing tools today include:

 Page Speed ​​Online is Google's tool to measure website load speed. Based on the adaptation of popular browser sites Google Chrome has developed in a very fast and great search. Page Speed ​​analyzes site performance under Google's Web Performance Best Practices (a set of rules for optimizing front-end performance). You will get more information from this handy tool including reports for mobile devices with the best performance and for optimal performance.

This is a tool to check the speed of Pingdom's free online website as a tool to load the entire html structure of a website that gives you some reports as to the problem of each object on the site such as: image photos, style sheets and JavaScript libraries ...

Pingdom statistics useful reports such as page analysis, provide information on load time, page size, number of objects, object size ...

This website speed test tool of BrowserMob - a company that provides website speed testing and web control services. This tool provides you with a large amount of information about your website's loading speed such as average load time, total page weight and number of objects in the page.

This interesting tool collects two websites about load time, for example, you can find out if Google loads faster than Bing by using this tool. It is a simple tool used to compare your website with the website which competitors load faster. This open source tool was created to enhance the importance of web activity.

This convenient online seo tool helps check the display speed of the web in browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE), giving you the option of performing tests at many locations around the world. It also has advanced settings with options to simulate regular Internet connection speeds (such as DSL and 56K dial up) and ad blocking so you can see the cost of performing activities. Dynamic ads on your site.

This simple website speed test tool analyzes the web's loading speed, which is one of the oldest tools with its first version released in 2003. With this tool you will know the metrics about the size, resources and load time of the web. At the same time it also gives you recommendations so you can improve the web better.

This is the basic web version of the same open source server application (Show Slow). Show Slow allows you to add URLs that are tracked publicly and frequently capture results from three common test tools: YSlow, Page Speed ​​and dynaTrace. This tool requires you to register.


This web's speed test tool displays data related to the time taken on the page such as the total load time, the number of connections made, the number of requests made. It also has some advantages such as the ability to run tests even if the web has HTTP authentication and the ability to simulate different types of Internet connections.

This free online tool provides you with lots of data about your website's ability to help manage website traffic. This online tool is capable of displaying data by graph drawing as the user's load time (simulated by automated virtual machines). It is useful to see how your web server can be persisted so that it can quickly handle web requests.

OctaGate SiteTimer is a fairly simple online tool: it will show a bar chart with all the objects on the site. It contains information such as time to start loading, end time and time for each time. This tool is very useful, it quickly detects web problems that prevent your web page from loading slowly so you can optimize it to increase the loading speed of the website.

With 10 speed test tools this website hopes you will choose the right tool for your website
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