Top Free SEO Tools Did You Know

    Currently, due to the continuous development of the SEO industry, a series of support tools are born. Many more useful tools often cost a small fee. For new individuals or businesses start-up or tight budgets, this is their top concern. 
    Today, SEO Resonance will support you with a list of top free and tested free tools. These tools all have free and paid versions. If you want to have the most accurate data, you should invest some of the most useful and useful tools for you.
    Top Free SEO Tools Did You Know

    Series of the best tools from Google giants:

    Make the most of the resources you can easily use and access everyday. Google offers a myriad of the best SEO tools in the period you are planning your keywords:
    • Learn and research keywords with Keyword Planner .
    • Determine the search trend of visitors with Google Trend .
    • Detect and adjust technical issues on the site with Search Console .
    • Statistics and accurately grasp the number of visitors to your website and where they come from thanks to Google Analytics .
    • Collect, process and analyze SEO data obtained with Google Sheets .
    • Check and rate your page loading speed with Pagespeed Insights.
    If you are a newcomer, new to the SEO industry, you should try these tools before approaching other complex tools.

    Seo Yoast:

    If your website is using wordpress then Yoast is what you need most to do SEO. It supports a lot in optimizing meta tags and content. Also alert and ask you to edit it accordingly to be good SEO. 
    It will create logical Sitemaps XML structure, as well as need to update it continuously when new content is available to ensure SEO fit. Sitemaps will be automatically shipped to Google by Yoast to help new content be searched easily and quickly. 
    Check out
    Pocket now top free SEO tools
    Easing easily key words. It is appropriate for the content or need to change anything will appear in the support section below.


    Similarweb will provide all the information we need such as your current market share, competitor's traffic, tracking and page traffic statistics to increase retention rates, discover the New market trends, ... 
    Understanding yourself at the present, knowing your competitors directly, seeing the future trends and strategies has been a part of success.

    Compress and optimize Smush images:

    Smush Image Compression and Optimization is a free WordPress plugin to resize images even compressed or optimized on your website. 
    Normally, images are uploaded very badly, if we don't optimize them, our website will load very slowly. That leads to the risk of losing customers, seriously affecting current sales. Use this plugin to make your website perfect for the user experience. 
    Here you can upload all 50 photos at once. Want to optimize just press continue. Is it easy to use?


    Mozbar provides us with relevant information about the strength assessment index of the PA page, index of strength of DA domain, website credibility or likes to share on Facebook and Google. All will be given Mozbar's precise and clear diagnosis. 
    You will understand your customers better as well as track the ranking changes through the recording of data and evaluation, page optimization.

    SEO Quake:

    SEO Quake is a free plugin for browsers that provides data with just one click. If currently, the website you are using is Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, then use SEO Quake to own SEO data. 
    SEO Quake helps us diagnose the error that we need to fix as well as the current good, provide the total link links outside and inside the website to make adjustments accordingly.
    Hope the article is really helpful to you. And the most obvious thing you can see is not ignoring the free SEO tools, but it is expensive. Because it's really useful with your budget and limited budget right now. To find out more, you can see hundreds of other free and more detailed free tools at the SEO tools section of our website. And don't forget to share if you find useful information. Wish you early success.

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