How did President Trump's property change in the Forbes rich list

By Olala Updated: 06 Mar, 2019
According to the latest statistics, Mr. Trump has $ 310 million in personal property and cash. The brand business brought in US $ 170 million while Golf clubs were estimated at US $ 550 million. The White House's biggest asset is New York real estate with a total value of $ 1.47 billion. Real estate outside New York of the White House boss is worth 630 million.
How did President Trump's property change in the Forbes rich list

Currently, Mr. Trump has 9 properties in New York, the most famous of which is Trump Tower, where he used to live before moving to the White House. However, Mr. Trump's most expensive real estate is 1290 Avenue of Americas. This project is worth 2.4 billion USD but President Trump has 30% stake in the office and retail sector. However, it owes $ 950 million, so President Trump's net assets are $ 446 million, up 55 million from 2018.
With real estate outside of New York, President Trump has 6 prestigious works including 555 California Street, San Francisco, leading in value. President Trump owns 30% of the office building, which cost 2.1 billion USD. With a debt of USD 559 million, Mr. Trump's shares are worth USD 452 million. It increased 105 million compared to 2018.
Mr. Trump also has 4 golf complexes and resorts in which US Golf Courses consists of 10 golf courses in 6 states and Washington DC It has a total value of 210 USD with a debt of 18 million USD. Thus, its net worth is 192 million USD. This number is unchanged from 2018.
Among brands, Trump Hotel brings the most money to the White House boss. It is estimated to cost up to $ 170 million and absolutely no debt. However, this number has not changed compared to statistics a year ago.
In terms of cash and personal property, Mr. Trump has $ 140 million. Penthouse in Trump Tower is valued at US $ 57 million. Mr. Trump's two planes and three helicopters cost $ 32 million while three houses he owns near Mar-a-Lago cost $ 36 million.
Seven Springs, Mr. Trump's personal estate in Bedford, New York, costs $ 30 million. However, minus $ 6 million in debt, this asset has a net worth of $ 24 million. In addition, Mr. Trump owns Island Home, belonging to St. Island. Martin, for $ 15 million. The house of Mr. Trump in Beverly Hills also costs $ 13 million and the house in Starling, Virginia costs $ 1.5 million.
In the book Art of Negotiation, Mr. Trump stressed: "Money is never a great motivation for me except it is a way to record scores. Interesting is really when playing games."