The exchange rate of Euro today

By Olala Updated: 06 Mar, 2019

The exchange rate of the Euro in the country today all fell on both the banking market and the black market. The price of buying Euro at many banks has dropped to below VND 26,000.

The exchange rate of Euro today

 The Euro exchange rate in the domestic market declined

Euro exchange rate today  (March 6) continued the previous downward trend. The black market Euro rate surveyed at 10 am this morning has dropped from 50 to 70 VND compared to the trading price yesterday. The price for buying black market Euro is 26,200 VND and the selling price is 26,280 VND. 
On the listing of banks, the Euro exchange rate dropped quite a lot, from 76 dong to 90 dong. The buying price at many banks has dropped to below VND 26,000.
The purchase price of Euro banks ranges from 25,693 to 26.015 VND / EUR; Selling prices range from 26,342 - 26,749 VND / EUR. Accordingly, Vietcombank is the bank with the highest purchase price and Euro selling price (26.015 VND / EUR), while Eximbank is the bank with the lowest selling price (26,342 VND / EUR).

Euro rate list listed at banks on the morning of March 6

Euro exchange rate today (March 6): The domestic exchange rate continued to fall, the EUR black market selling price dropped to 26,280 VND - Photo 1.
Source: Truc Minh synthesized from banks' websites on 10h