How to fix printer error cannot set default error code Error 0x00000709

    Instructions on how to fix printer error cannot set the default error code Error 0x00000709 - The printer is a device that is important to our life now that helps us store content from the text electronic version into paper documents so wherever there is a computer there is also the presence of this device? And it is no exception in the process of using the printer also encountered very annoying errors and of course when you encounter errors you will not be able to use it? One of the most common errors is that users cannot install the printer by default and receive Error 0x00000709 error code.
    In this article we find out what causes the above error? How to fix this error ? Let's blog tips to learn how to fix the printer error does not default to Error 0x00000709 error code on Windows operating system .

    # Cause of 0x00000709 error

    This error occurs during printer installation regarding Registry keys. Pre-registered registry keys that precede the previous printer driver make the default driver and prevent you from setting the current driver as default. This is a common error in Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

    Fix printer error that cannot be set by default (error code 0x00000709)

    In the previous article about computer tricks, I showed you how to use Rufus to download Windows 10 ISO and create a Windows installation USB, so you can create Windows installer easily, continue in the article. I will guide you how to fix the printer error by not setting the Error 0x00000709 error code in Windows by default.

    # 1 Use "Devices and Printers"

    First go to Control Panel by pressing Windows + S key combination and then type the keyword "Control Panel" into the search box.

    Fixed a problem where the printer failed to set the default error code Error 0x00000709

    Clicking on the search results will now see the Control Panel window under "Hardware and Sound", select "Devices and Printers" .
    On the printer window, specify the printer you want to set by default> right-click> Select "See what's printing".
    New window appears> select Printer tab , in the drop down menu, select "Run as administrator"> finally click "Set as Default Printer" from the menu .
    Note: If you have run the printer as a system administrator, this option will not appear in the menu. In that case, you just need to select "Set as Default Printer" from the menu.

    # 2 Interfering with the Registry

    Before you do this, back up the Registry to avoid Windows crashes when you apply them incorrectly.
    First press the Windows + R key combination and then type the keyword "Regedit" in the Open box and press Enter .
    Now the UAC dialog box will appear> selecting "Yes" is fine.
    In the Registry Editor window, expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER> SOFTWARE property .
    Then navigate to the following Software path Microsoft Windows NT Currentversion Windows and right-click on "Windows" and select "Permissions" .
    A pop-up dialog box appears, scroll down and select the "Administrator" account and assign the "Full Control" option . Similarly, please do so with the user account you are using.
    Click OK , then delete the 2 keys with the following name: IsMRUEstablished and LegacyDefaultPrinterMode , Once completed, restart your computer.
    After Windows restarts, check the results. Is it too simple for you to fix printer errors that cannot be set by default (Error code 0x00000709) in Windows?
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