How to play king: rules and basic concepts

Step 1. How to set up the Chessboard

When the game starts, the chess board is arranged so that each player has a white box (or a light-colored box) at the bottom right hand corner. Chess pieces are arranged in the same style each time. The second row (or quadratic) is a series of good troops. Military vehicles are located at two corners, the military code is next to it, followed by the army. The last is the posterior (post-black, black and white) and the king is in the other cell.
How to play king: rules and basic concepts

Step 2. How to move chess pieces

Each chess piece in 6 different types to have different moves. The pieces cannot move through the other pieces (except for the code that can jump over the other pieces), and it is impossible to enter the checkerboard containing its own troops. However, they can move to the opponent's chess piece to capture that piece (by moving to that flag and taking the position), defending the other pieces from being captured by the enemy, or Control important checkers in the game.

How to Move King in Chess

The king is the most important chess piece, but the weakest chess piece. The king can only move one box in all directions - up, down, over, back and diagonally. The king cannot go into the projected position (where the king will be captured). When the king is attacked by other pieces, it is called "projection".

How to Move Queen in Chess

The queen is the most powerful chess piece. It can move in any direction - Forward, backward, horizontal or diagonal - moving anywhere is as long as it does not pass through the other pieces. And like all chess pieces, if the troop catches an opponent's army, then the move ends and the queen replaces the captured position. Notice how the white queen catches the black queen and takes the black king to move.

How to Move Military vehicles in Chess

Military vehicles can move as far as possible, but only move forward, and sideways. Vehicles are strong when they talk about each other and coordinate!

How to Move <Mahout in Chess

Military statues can move as far as possible, but can only be crossed. Each statues start in one color box (bright or dark) and will always stand in that color box. Military figures work well together because they compensate for each other's weaknesses.
How to move statues in chess

How to Move <Knight in Chess

Military code moves differently from other troops - move two cells in one direction, then one turns 90 degrees, like the "L" shape. The knight is the only one who can jump over another.
How to move the Ma in the chess

How to Move Pawn in Chess

Military is particularly good in the way it moves other ways it catches: they go straight, but they cross. Good troops can only take one step at a time, except for the first turn they can take two steps. Good can only capture the enemy on the diagonal side before it and they cannot go or capture the troops on the opposite side. If there is a piece standing in front of them, good troops cannot go on or eat that chess piece.
How to move Good troops in chess

Step 3. Discover the Special Rules of Chess

There are some special rules in the original chess that seem unreasonable. They were created to make the game more fun and interesting.

How to rank the Good army in Chess

A good army has a special ability that if it moves to the last row on the other side of the board, it will be replaced by another piece (this is called Feng level). Good can be made into any army. There is a common misunderstanding that good can only replace the chess pieces that were previously captured. Absolutely NOT true. Good is usually granted into a military. Good commanders can be granted.
How to grant the rank of Good army

How to "eat well across the road" in Chess

The final rule for good troops is "en passant", which is French for "good catch across the road". If a good troop starts with moving the first two cells, and then ends up at a position next to a good enemy (jumping out of the box and the opponent can catch it well), the good pawn now has the right to catch that good army. This special move can only be used immediately after the good army takes the first step, the next turn cannot be captured anymore. Click on the example below to better understand the strangeness, but extremely important of this law.
How to Catch good across the road

How to Enter City in Chess

There is a special rule in chess called "castling". This move allows you to do two very important things in the same turn: take your King to a safer position (depending on the case), and allow the Rook to leave the corner of the board and join the game. . The turn of a player consists of: moving the King of two boxes to one side of the board (only allowed to move sideways) and the Vehicle (in the corner, the King moving) outside, standing next to the King but staying the opposite side. (Please observe the example below). However, the following requirements must be ensured to be able to enter the country of entry:
  • This turn must be the first turn of the king
  • This turn must be the first turn of the vehicle
  • There should not be any other soldiers between the king and the car
  • The king cannot be projected or cut through the projection
When you enter the castle the King is closer to the edge of the board than is called the "King's". Enter the opposite direction, the direction that the military standing, is called the "Hau" castling. Whatever the direction, the King is only allowed to go 2 boxes when entering the castle.
How to Enter City in Chess

Step 4. Find out Who Is The First Person to Perform in Chess

Playing with white soldiers always goes first. Therefore, the players often decide who will choose the white army by tossing the coin or letting one guess the color of the good army hidden in the other's hand. The white army goes first, then the black army, then continues to be the white army, then the black army again and continues until the end of the game. The previous move provides a small advantage to give white army players the chance to attack immediately.

Step 5. Review the Rules to Win a Game in Chess

There are two ways to end a chess game: by shining it all out or by a draw.

How to Show All in Chess

The ultimate goal of the game is to show the opponent. This will happen when the king is exposed and there is no way to escape the projection. There are only three ways to help the king escape from the projection: move to avoid projection (but cannot cast!), Use another piece to block the path, or catch a chess piece attacking the king. If a king cannot escape, it means the game will end. The king of the army does not need to be captured or left the board, the game is merely declared finished.
How to Show All in Chess

How to Draw in Chess Game

Sometimes chess games are not won, but there is a draw. There are 5 reasons a chess game ends in a draw:
  • The position leads to a draw when it is the turn of a player, their King is NOT shown and there is no valid move.
  • Players can simply agree to play and stop playing
  • There are not enough chess pieces to carry out the checkmate (Example: king and code vs king)
  • The player has a right to tie if a chess position is repeated exactly three times (not necessarily repeated three times in a row)
  • 50 consecutive moves are played without any player moving well or capturing enemy soldiers

Step 6. Learn Basic Tactics in Chess

A chess player must know four simple things:

Protect your king's army

Take your king to the corner of the board, usually a safer place. Do not delay the castling. Enter as soon as possible. Remember, even if you are going to show off your opponent, it doesn't make any sense if you get all of it first!

Don't waste chess pieces

Don't lose chess pieces in a stupid way! Each chess piece has its own value and you cannot win without missing chess pieces. There is a system that makes it easy for many players to keep an eye on the relative value of each chess piece. How valuable is your chess piece?
  • A good army is worth 1
  • A code is worth 3
  • The code is worth 3 points
  • One vehicle is worth 5
  • Late value is 9
  • The king's army has infinite value
At the end of the day, these scores do not say anything - it is merely a system that you can rely on to make decisions while playing, to help you understand when to catch flags and flags. or offer other moves.
Learn basic chess strategies

Control the center of the board

You should try to control the center of the board with chess pieces (Statues, Codes) and good. If you control the center, you will have plenty of room to move the pieces and it will be more difficult for the opponent to find a good position for their chess pieces. In the above example, the white army travels to good countries to control the center while the black army goes to bad countries.

Take advantage of all the pieces you have

In the above example, the white side has put all the troops into battle! The pieces will not have much effect if you just let them stay at the starting position. Try to find ways to deploy chess pieces to make multiple attacks on the enemy king. The use of only one or two pieces to attack will not be effective for opponents with strong hands.

Step 7. Practice by Playing Real Chess a lot

The important thing to play better chess is to play as much as possible! It doesn't matter if you play at home with friends or family, you have to play a lot, much to become better. Today, it's easy to find online chess games! Click here to know where to play chess.

How to play variation chess

While most people play chess according to the basic rules, others prefer to change the rules of the game. These are called "flag variants". Each variation has its own set of laws.
To learn more about flag variations, click here.

How to play Chess 960

Chess960 follows the rules of normal chess, but the initial battle position of the troops in the bottom row will be placed at random positions in positions of 960. The castle entry will be the same as the normal flag, with the King and Vehicles stand in the standard position when castling (g1 and f1, or c1 and d1). 960 is the same as the normal flag, but the opening will have more different positions.

How to play chess with the rules of the Tournament

Many tournaments have a set of standard and similar rules. These rules don't necessarily apply when you play at home or play online, but you may want to practice and get used to them.
  • Touch the flag  - If a player touches any of their pieces, they must take that piece as long as the move is valid. If the player touches the opponent's flag, they must eat that chess piece. If the player touches the chess piece in order to adjust the position of the chess piece on the chessboard, they must shout their intention, often saying "correct flag".
  • Watches and counters  - Most tournaments use counters to determine the amount of time in each game that is not for each move. Each player will have a certain amount of time to use for the entire game and can decide how to optimize that time. When a player has completed the move they will press the button to start the opponent's countdown. Any player who has run out of time before and their opponent remembers the time will be defeated (unless their opponent does not have enough pieces to show it, in this case it will be dealt with).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I play chess better?

Knowing the rules and basic tactics is just the first step - so many things can be learned in chess that you cannot learn all your life! To improve your level you can do the following three things:
  1. Play chess a lot - Keep playing! Play as much as possible. You will learn from each battle - from both wins and losses.
  2. Practice with chess lessons - If you really want to improve your chess skills quickly, you should try some online lessons. You can find these online lessons here.
  3. Play happily - Don't be discouraged when you can't win all games immediately. Everyone has failed games - even world champions. As long as you find fun and learn lessons after losing, you can enjoy playing chess!

What is the best first move in chess?

Since there is no consensus about the best move in chess, the most important thing is to try to control the central position immediately. This is often the reason that almost every player is on the right center (front or back) of two boxes at 1. d4 or 1. e4. Some other players like to play 1. c4 or 1. Nf3. Most other travel countries will not be as good. Bobby Fischer believed that the good move in front of the king rose 1. e4 was the best move.

Which color military moves first in chess?

Players with white troops always go first.

Can good troops go back?

Good can't go back. However, when good troops reach the last row of the board you have to grant it to another army (eg Hau). That allows it to move like a chess piece that it is promoted to, and of course can go back.

Can you move more than one chess piece at the same time in chess?

You can only move one piece at a time when it's your turn - with one exception! When you enter the castle, you can move the king and army vehicles in one go.

Which chess pieces are most important in chess?

King is the most important chess piece. If you lose the king, you will lose the match. However, the most powerful chess piece is the rear.

When was chess created?

The origin of chess is unclear, although many believe that it originates from a chess-like game that existed in India two thousand years ago. The chess game we know today has existed since the 15th century where it became popular in Europe.

What is the goal of chess games?

Chess is a middle game or an opponent on either side of the chessboard with 64 squares of black and white. Each player has 16 chess pants: 1 king, 1 post, 2 cars, 2 statues, 2 codes and 8 good. The goal of the game is to play all the chess on the other side. Check out the flag when the king is in the position to be eaten but cannot run.
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