How to remove root antivirus software

  • Why do you need to remove the original antivirus software?
  • Which tool supports the most thorough antivirus removal
  • Why should you use AV Uninstall Tools Pack?
  • Download AV Uninstall the latest Tools Pack
  • Uninstall Tool for each type of Antivirus
There was an article that blogchiasekienthuc.com gave very detailed instructions for you how to remove the original software from your computer . However, that article should only apply to common software, and for special software like antivirus, we should do it in a different way, that is to use the software of the software developer  Kill the virus to remove the most thorough and safe way for your computer.

Unlike conventional software, most antivirus software is relatively stubborn and difficult to remove. If you remove with the tools available on Windows, it will not be clean and even undetectable, but if you use specialized software, it is very easy to cause errors for the operating system you using. That's why the vast majority of antivirus software publishers offer you an uninstall tool when you need it.

Why do you need to remove the original antivirus software?

Many of you are wondering why this software has to be thoroughly removed with the tools provided by the publisher! Very simple, the reason may be:
  • The state is trying to switch to another antivirus software, for example your computer is using Avast! For example, now you want to remove this software to install and use Kaspersky software. If you do not remove the Avast software, then installing Kaspersky will be very easy to conflict and cannot be installed.
  • Or in other cases that you are using a virus protection software "temple", you use tricks to activate then you also need to remove the previous version.
  • In general, there are many reasons, and there must be a reason for you to find this article, right 😀

Which tool supports the most thorough antivirus removal

Tell you a tool called  AV Uninstall Tools Pack . In fact, this tool will not directly help you remove antivirus software on your computer, but it will summarize all the tools of the famous antivirus software developers in the world for you. use more and updating every new version is much easier.
Of course, removing antivirus programs on your computer will still be done by the original software of the antivirus software publisher. Therefore, you can completely assured of the quality when using offline.

Why should you use AV Uninstall Tools Pack?

  • 100% free.
  • Packed neatly and you can copy to usb for use at any time.
  • Intuitive, simple and easy to use interface.
  • Update support when there are new versions and anti-virus removal tools will be updated when there is a new version.
  • In addition to removing antivirus software, this tool also helps you Reset Password for antivirus software when you forget it.

Download AV Uninstall the latest Tools Pack

Home: www.comss.ru 
Link download: From home page  (latest version) / Backup link  (version 2016.01) 
Support operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 and Windows 10 . 
Supported languages: Russian and English

How to use AV Uninstall Tools Pack

In fact, this tool is too easy to use, no need to guide it, you can do it easily. However, I still give instructions to help you have a more general view.
+ Step 1: After downloading the compressed file, you can extract it to use or open the compressed file to use it.
Click autorun.exeto run the tool AV Uninstall Tools Packto start using.
This is the main interface of the program, this tool supports removing many popular antivirus software such as Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, Avira, Comodo, Eset, ... ..
+ Step 2: In the left column ( UNINSTALL TOOLS), please go to the antivirus software that you want to remove => then double click on its icon => at this time you will be moved to the folder where the uninstalled file is located set the original supplied by the antivirus company.
Tips: Actually, you can always find the uninstall packages in the Tools folder of the original downloaded file.
Note: Some types of antivirus software will have 2 versions and 32bit and 64bit versions You must make the right choice to successfully remove it. For example, the AVG software, for example, will have two versions (x64) for Windows 64bit, whereas x86 means a version for Windows 32bit.
+ Step 3: Double-click the executable file in which to launch the tool, your example is avastclear.exe.
+ Step 4: At this time, there will be a message window like "Do you want to access Safe Mode to remove it more clean " => Click Yesto agree.
Click Yesto restart the computer.
+ Step 5: Now your computer will be restarted and access Safe Mode directly. And here the program will continue its debugging process.
Click Uninstallto start uninstalling.
The uninstallation process is going on ... ..
+ Step 6: A message that the uninstallation process is complete, please click Restart computerto restart the computer and access Windows again as usual.

Uninstall Tool for each type of Antivirus

If you do not want to use the tool, simply because it is quite heavy (175 MB). Instead, you want to download a unique tool to remove the current antivirus software on your computer. You can use the following links. These are links directly from the publisher's home page, so be sure to use it.
Tool to remove thorough antivirus software:
  1. AVAST: Link 
  2. AVG:  Link 
  3. Avira:  Link 
  4. BullGuard:  Link 
  5. Bitdefender:   Link 
  6. Comodo Internet Security:  Link 
  7. Dr. Web:  Link 
  8. eScan:  Link 
  9. ESET:  Link 
  10. FRISK F-PROT Antivirus for Windows:   Link 
  11. F-Secure:  Link 
  12. G Data:  Link 
  13. Kaspersky:  Link 
  14. LavaSoft:  Link 
  15. Malwarebytes:  Link 
  16. K7 Total Security:  Link 
  17. McAfee:  Link 
  18. Microsoft Security Essentials:  Link 
  19. Norman Virus Control / Norman Security Suite:  Link 
  20. Norton (Symantec):  Link 
  21. Norton Studio:  Link 
  22. Panda:  Link 
  23. Panda Cloud Internet Protection:  Link 
  24. Pareto Logic:  Link 
  25. Rapport:  Link 
  26. SpyBot Search & Distroy:  Link 
  27. Sophos:  Link 
  28. Trend Micro:  Link 
  29. Trend Micro Titanium:  Link 
  30. Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Agent:  Link 
  31. Vipre (Sunbelt Software):  Link 
  32. Webroot:  Link 
  33. Windows Live OneCare:  Link 
  34. Zone Alarm:  Link 
  35. Updatting ……
So I have very detailed instructions for you how to remove antivirus software to the root without damaging the operating system you are already using. Although it is a small trick, it is really necessary in many cases.
How about you ? What software or software are you using to uninstall antivirus software on your computer when it is no longer used? Please share your experience for everyone.

Hope the article will be useful to you, wish you success!
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