Inbound Marketing - Customer Value Journey Model

    Do you still remember the article "4 notes that you need to know inbound marketing"? The fourth note that I've outlined is aimed at turning a complete stranger into a loyal customer for my brand.
    And that is the way to lead users into the value journey model inbound marketing customers.
    This step is modeled after 12 stages of intimacy of zoologist, social biologist - Desmond Morris. Just like greeting new people by touching your hair will make them feel uncomfortable.
    And if you attack your potential customer again with an immediate offer, what is their reaction? 
    This article is the answer for you.
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    • Why should seriously think about customer value journey?
      • Optimize customer value
    • 12 Stages of intimacy
    • 8 Stages in Customer Value Journey 
      • 1. Awareness
      • 2. Mounting
      • 3. Register
      • 4. Conversion
      • 5. Excited
      • 6. Upsell - Upgrade value
      • 7. Support
      • 8. Promotion:

    Why should seriously think about customer value journey?

    Please contact the customer
    Why think about customer value journey?
    Objective of the picture of customer value journey:
    Build a common framework to turn strangers into not only customers, but also become passionate buyers and fans.
    Before going into the actual model, I want to explain:
    • Why do I mention this new model?
    • What does it relate to Inbound Marketing?
    Short model in customer value journey:
    customer journey
    4 stages in customer value journey
    Attraction> Convert> Order latch> Satisfaction
    Oh wait! Are you still wondering about this simplified model?
    I will explain it to you.
    From a complete stranger turned into a loyal customer through the steps:
    • Stranger: 1 person can read the article, watch the video or know your business
    • User / User: Go to the website
    • Leads (Leads): If preferred, they leave information (eg, full name, email, phone number, etc.) in the form to receive some useful value.
    • Buyers: Take care of you, get useful information, promotion offers, etc., you should start buying / registering your service.
    • Loyal customers / passionate fans : After buying / registering for the service, you are still regularly cared for, providing value upgrade (more useful). So they become loyal customers, referring people around to your brand.
    Now, in-depth analysis of the optimal model of customer value mentioned above.

    Optimize customer value

    customer journey
    Optimization diagram in customer value journey
    You can understand it simply by using lead magnet and tripwire to attract customers.
    "Lead magnet - a bait that provides useful, free information to users to get customer contact information." Eg: Name, email, phone number, ..
    "Tripwire - The funnel product offers high quality products but at a discounted price to optimize lead conversion into shoppers."
    In order to understand the true meaning of "transformation" and how to bring "superior satisfaction" to maximum continuous value of customers when they return to purchase.
    Optimizing the value of customers is born as opening a new era for inbound marketing. - Navigate users actively to find your business.
    Before it becomes more widely available, it is much easier to attract users and convert them right from your lead site.
    However, most of the content available today is of low quality.
    Therefore, you should refine your approach to your customers with extremely "content" content.

    12 Stages of intimacy

    "We are all people who help marketing for others."
    It's correct! The reality is that.
    In fact, when building a relationship with someone, make sure:
    • Understand each other
    • Building trust
    This is the 12 stages of intimacy.
    When considering marketing through 12 stages of intimacy, you can get a better idea of ​​where you are.
    Notice the first stages:
    • Eye to buy: Interact with eyes to attract buyers
    • Eye to eye: Eye contact for greater engagement.
    • Hand to hand: Talk, shake hands and become more attached.
    • Hand to body: Comfortable enough to pat each other's back.
    Note: The speed of two people experiencing in 12 Intimate stages is not related to success.
    The problem is that customers will not be able to quickly get along with you like that.
    Because, if you meet someone and they caress your face, what will you do? Surely that will make you quite awkward and may never talk to them again.
    Therefore, you need to understand and build trust in users before going straight to the "conversion" and "closing orders" steps.
    Many people have skipped this step! Leads to  not being effective, but pushing customers further away.

    8 Stages in Customer Value Journey 

    Basically, customer value journey has 8 steps. It is a combination of 12 intimate stages and an earlier model of customer value optimization for enterprise development.
    • Do not skip any of these steps.
    • Do not "forget" users after turning them into customers.
    What is inbound marketing, customer value journey
    8 Stages in Customer Value Journey
    Source: DigitalMarketer Lab

    1. Awareness

    A potential customer can be aware of your brand through a variety of ways:
    • View information on social networks
    • Referral - Being heterosexual eq u
    • Search Google
    • Googel Ads target groups of potential customers
    • Access your website directly

    2. Mounting

    Potential customers will start sticking with you through the content you share. Maybe because of reading blog posts or watching videos on your youtube, livestream, webinar, ...
    They will learn about your business if your content can solve the "pain point" or problem they are having.

    3. Register

    You constantly provide useful, relevant information to potential customers. They feel your content is quality and wants to receive more knowledge from you. Such as blog registration form or download documents, ...
    But wait ...
    Don't let the " Sign up " words fool you.
    Customers will be ready to provide their real information to interact with your content. Or simply they just subscribe to receive a free pdf of the document.  
    Sometimes, the information they provide is not completely accurate.

    4. Conversion

    At this stage, potential customers are making commitments on time (for example, watching on the webinar or participating in a free consultation) or a small commitment to money.
    This is the first sign that customers are more engaged with your business.

    5. Excited

    If potential customers are not interested in what is going on in the transition, they will not continue going deep into the sales channel.
    In fact, the scattered arrows in the diagram above show that potential customers can step back a few steps to observe and consider.
    For this case, try to provide more value or more relevant to the "pain" of the customer. 
    In addition to the quality conversion factor, you also need to make sure potential customers actually reach out and enjoy the experience.

    6. Upsell - Upgrade value

    After receiving the value provided in the first purchase / registration of the service, customers continue to be provided more value and really interested in it. This will be a good time for you to introduce them to more advanced products / services than the first batch.

    7. Support

    Now your potential customers are satisfied with your product / service. They will become your loyal, extremely loyal customers.
    At this point, you should reach out to customers and get reviews from them.
    Turn your supporters into promoters for your own business.

    8. Promotion:

    An extremely satisfied customer will be positive and willing to promote your brand without further nourishment.
    This is the time you are most relaxed. Just wait and close the deal!
    Customers are willing to introduce your business to people around you, simply because:
    • They are satisfied with their experience.
    • Want to introduce the best thing to relatives around
    • Want your business to be well known
    Organize referral programs or connections to help your close customers promote your business through Customer Value Journey.


    Back to the inbound marketing method, you can see in the picture below. Customer value journey divides each stage of attraction, conversion, order closing and satisfaction and statistical indicators used in each stage.
    customer journey
    4 stages in customer value journey
    When looking at the data, analyze where you are in this journey? Attraction Stage or Transformation?
    Are you struggling to get site visitors? Focus on the "Awareness" section.
    Do you want to get more quality leads for marketing? Focus on the "Transition" and "Exciting" stages.
    Instead of thinking "I need more traffic," or "I need more potential customers," use the customer value journey model combined with 4 stages to solve your problem.
    Let me know what you think about this Customer Value Journey! And remember to share with me the results whether the success or the challenge you encountered in the comment below this article!
    Good luck!

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