9 Simple method x2 Referral Traffic for website

Have you used the Google Analytics tool to track the analytics of your website? This is a useful tool for your SEO process.
If you look carefully you will see a Source / Referrals item in Google Analytics . So what does this referrals factor mean?
increase referral traffic, how to increase referral traffic
Index referrals in Google Analytics
Looking at the recent traffic analysis of the website, you can see significant change in referral traffic over a period of time and then return to the original traffic level. What happened?
  • What is Referral ?
  • How does it affect websites?
  • How to increase referral traffic for websites quickly?
No need to think much, I have the answer for you. Find out now!

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  • What is refferal? What is traffic traffic?
    • What is refferal?
    • What is traffic traffic?
  • The importance of refferal traffic
    • Increase traffic for the website
    • Bring quality customers
    • Support long-term SEO strategy of businesses
  • 9 Methods to increase referral traffic
    • 1) Post on community blogs
    • 2) Comment on Blog
    • 3) Works on forums
    • 4) Put the website on review pages
    • 5) Create a video marketing campaign
    • 6) Make use of social networks
    • 7) Send emails that provide timely value
    • 8) Guest Posting
    • 9) Create infographic (images containing information)

What is refferal? What is traffic traffic?

What is refferal?

Referral here means referral. You can recommend someone to participate in the plan or project you are participating in.
And for SEO, referrals is a referral form from any source (both online and offline), not on search engines to navigate users to your website. 

What is traffic traffic ?

Most marketers have the same goal:  
Increase the amount of traffic to the website to increase the conversion value that brings revenue to the business.
What is referral, increase referral traffic
What is referral traffic definition?
There are many different tactics to accomplish this goal:
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • PPC deployment - Payments are paid
  • Blogging
  • Marketing on social media.
However, these tactics all have limitations:   
  • SEO takes time
  • PPC is expensive
  • Google is becoming too saturated with many blog content
  • Social media is always having problems proving ROI profits.
An extremely effective but often overlooked tactic is refferal traffic So, what is traffic refferal? How can you use refferal traffic to attract potential customers?
Refferal traffic is traffic  to your website through other websites but not through search engines.
When users click on a link on a website or social network, it will be taken to another website. Tracking software like Google Analytics will count that visit as a referral traffic .
The website was originally called "refferer" because it mentioned traffic to another website.

The importance of refferal traffic

  • Increase traffic for the website

Refferal very important traffic for your website. It can help your website reach users from other websites with the same audience.
Therefore, your website will attract more traffic through reliable websites. From there, these visitors can become your new customers.
  • Bring quality customers

Based on this list of referrals, you can identify your interests, search needs, topics they are interested in, ...
From there, optimize the content to suit the user object to increase conversion value, turning users into your customers.
  • Support long-term SEO strategy of businesses

In addition, refferal traffic also has SEO benefits Having customers is not all. It also helps the website to be on the top of the search section, largely supporting your SEO strategy - a long-term strategy. 
Users who have access to reputable websites link to you will definitely have a certain level of reliability for your website.
Let's try to image:
If you own a reputable website, would you recommend a site that is not reputable or not useful to your users? 
I am of course not!

9 Methods to increase referral traffic

To increase referral traffic for your website, the first thing you must ensure is: Create an attractive article on your own website. Then apply 9 methods I will share the following:

1) Post on community blogs

What is referral, referral traffic
Post articles on community blogs
Blog posts create many opportunities to attract users to your site. On most blogs, there must always be an external link, author information and CTA - Share call. 
If you have a prominent post on a famous website, you will get a huge amount of traffic and backlinks to your site. Best of all, focus on the leading websites in your industry.
For example: If you work in marketing, Vietnam Brands community will be the perfect place for you to post.
  • Focus on websites related to your industry. Nobody wants to read about the trend of autumn and winter blogging about guns & bullets.
  • Put your mind in writing (think about users first)
  • Link articles with influential people in your field. They will pay attention and help promote your post on their own blogs. This will help increase referral traffic.

2) Comment on Blog

What is increased web traffic, referral
Write a comment on the blog comments that increase traffic for the website
A commonly asked question:
Is blog commenting helpful for SEO?
It can not only help SEO but also increase traffic  for your website. Just make sure you don't spam the blog comments of other websites.
A few tips for you:
  • Give valuable opinions. No one likes a complaining or bragging person. If you bring the best negative direction, don't comment.
  • Focus on blogs that allow you to insert links in the comments section. Remember, you are trying to increase traffic for the web. Therefore, always insert the link of your website into the comment section or the section containing comment account information. 

Instructions for inserting links in blog comments
In this section, instead of inserting youtube link like me, you can directly enter the homepage or the page you want to increase referral traffic.
  • Put links pointing to your website to the top of the comment list. 

3) Works on forums

referral, increasing referral traffic
Regularly provide valuable knowledge on forums
Online forums are a great source to attract potential customers. However, this source is often overlooked. Similar to blog comments, you should focus on the same field forums with you.
Some tips for you :
  • Make sure the forum is active. Do not waste time on a forum without a post in the month.
  • Sign up using your exact name that comes with the brand name. For example, I use the name Do Anh Viet - CEO & Co-Founder GTV SEO.
  • Call on people to share. This is how you will attract traffic to your site.
  • Should participate in the areas of the forum that you have the most expertise.
  • Give the actual case study. Do not just give advice. Nobody likes someone who knows everything. Try to provide personal experiences.
  • Share useful knowledge for the forum with the link pointing to the website.

4) Put the website on review pages

referral web traffic, traffic from referral
The method of listing a website is reviewed on a reputable website
Review sites are a great source to attract more traffic.
When customers want to buy a product / service, they will compare suppliers or products through review websites. It's great to be able to put your product or service on these websites.
For example: GTV is providing SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City and obviously I would like GTV SEO to display in the list of top SEO service providers in HCMC.
If you add gtvseo.com website to this list, you will be able to attract more customers.
  • The website must be in the list of related reviews
  • And the review website must be prestigious
  • Website you receive positive reviews from users
Suppose my website is in the list of agencies doing famous seo services, quality in Ho Chi Minh City is a reputable website review. So you're going to have a huge amount of traffic on the web already.
And sometimes, you also need to pay to get to the top of the review list.

5) Create a video marketing campaign

What is traffic from referral, referral traffic
Build a marketing video campaign to increase referral traffic
Not only the content / the words are very attractive, it will increase traffic for the website. Implementing video marketing can bring unexpected results.
  • Be aware of the motivation to implement a video marketing campaign.
  • Clear the theme and format of content for the video.
  • Video content follows storytelling to increase connectivity with users. 
  • Use the call-to-action (CTA) button - Call to action to direct users to action.

6) Make use of social networks

referral from social media, referral traffic
Make use of social networking sites to receive referrals quickly
According to Social Media Examiner - a marketing community on social media statistics:
89% of marketers have pointed out that social networking creates more opportunities for their businesses.
And 75% said website traffic increased because of their social media efforts.
And this is also the way I usually apply to my GTV SEO website.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are the top 7 social networks used by marketers.
Promoting through social networks is not just a trend. It is also a tactic that most marketers are using to increase their traffic, potential customers and sales.     
Every time you like, share or pin a piece of content, you have a chance:
  • Increase traffic for your site.
  • The article appears at the top of Google rankings.
  • Share content articles on social media channels you work hard on
  • Need to optimize content suitable for each platform: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, ...
  • Attach the link pointing to the article on the website
  • Calling users to share articles

7) Send emails that provide timely value

What are referrals and referrals
Emailing provides timely value for users
Email newsletter is an extremely effective referral source for your website. For GTV SEO, email is an extremely profitable channel for referral quality traffic.
  • Email contains useful value
  • Time to send email depends on the user object
  • Classify user groups by many factors: Age, gender, user issues, etc. to send email.
  • Attach the link to your website / article.
Sending emails provides useful, timely values ​​that increase the likelihood of users accessing the website. Naturally, help increase referral traffic for your website.

8) Guest Posting

This is how to increase the traffic that is most effective compared to the above ways that you can apply.
  • Determine the problem you are trying to write.
  • Find blogs / websites related to the topic of your website and have the same customer file you are targeting. 
  • Statistics back into a list of possible blog posting.
Note: It is recommended to select related sites and have UR ​​smaller than the UR of your website to increase your blog posting acceptance.
  • Statistics contact information by:
    • Go to the Home page or Website contact page to find the email address.
  • Send email to agree on blog posting content and cost per post. 
  • Follow up until they get their feedback (good or not) 

9) Create infographic (images contain information)

Infographic is extremely consistent with the saying: "A picture is more than a thousand words". 
It can reconstruct complex information simply through images. Refer to the image below:
This is the onpage optimized checklist which is detailed in the form of infographic. 
The infographic you create needs to be liked, shared and pinned on social networks. Others will put these graphics into their posts if useful. From there, you can create links to your website.


Now that you understand what a referral is , why should it be referral traffic?
However, you must always ensure that:
Your article on the website or the information you share must be really quality to motivate users to refer.
Apply 9 simple methods I listed above to increase fast and sustainable traffic for your website.
Comment below the article to share your thoughts!
Good luck!
About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. https://www.insurancefinances.com/. Mr Cuong.
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