Affiliate is a marketing program where you can get commissions from a parent company by selling them. The parent company will provide you with all the advertising tools you need such as banners, links and tracking codes [...]
Affiliate is a marketing program where you can get commissions from a parent company by selling them. The parent company will provide you with all the advertising tools you need, such as banners, links and tracking codes, for you to place on your websites, in your email or other sources. When a visitor visits your site or clicks on one of the ads, links and goes to the parent company's website to conduct the transaction, the transaction is tracked. If the result of this transaction is sold to the parent company, you are paid a pre-set commission. Very simple!
What is Affiliate?
For example, when you register to be an Affiliate with a company that sells Hosts (Host Reseller), if you sell a valuable Host how much it is not important, you will be entitled to assume 10% -30% flowers Pink on the total value you have sold. In addition, if you introduce other people to join you, call refer. And suppose that the person you referred to sold the host again, you continue to enjoy some amount of money on the total value of this person sold. This is a typical form of Affiliate that most companies often use.

Give before receiving

In case you have never played Affiliate, this is a tutorial to get started and a few tips to help you avoid the mistakes that new players often have (including me, of course. I just started.
When I first started, I read and heard it over and over again to make money online with Affiliate, you have to lose something. That's right, Affiliate is like that. In fact, you must always have the thought of "before receiving". You must provide customers with good quality, prototype information (from the parent company) and in return you will have a great sales.

How to choose products

Before you choose affiliate products to sell, you need to focus on a mainstream, market-relevant product. Note,  I am not only saying that it is mainstream but also relevant to the market . That is a huge difference.
People in this market segment not only love your product, but must be willing to pay a regular amount for these products.
Let me give an example that illustrates for you to make it easier to understand:
Do you know America's episodes of SpongeBob long episodes? 
  • Favorite kids SpongeBob and this market segment is huge. But children often do not have their own money to spend and buy products related to SpongeBob, so you will not want to choose this market as the target market.
  • The real market segment for Spongebob is parents or teenagers, adults who love this crazy cartoon character and are not afraid to spend money to satisfy their interests.
Have you seen the difference? Identify and focus on the segment where  people have money  and they  are willing to pay  for your products.

How to choose a provider

Now let's talk about places where we can find products online for resale. I list below a few distribution companies of affiliate products where you can register as an agency program and earn a profit on referral sales coming from links. yours. Of course, there are many companies and websites like this, but this is just one of the most popular places to get you started.
  • www.Clickbank.com - This is the world's largest market for digital products
  • www.CommissionJunction.com - Also known as CJ, a big market for big companies
  • www.Amazon.com - Not only in the field of selling books, Amazon is also a big market providing a lot of products and products of different types of industries.
These are just a few places that I believe to be reliable… you can find millions of products suitable for your customer segment by finding the keyword “affiliate programs” in your favorite search bar. .
You can easily find many sources, many affiliate websites. But you should find out which places are reputable to avoid the possibility of commissions, such websites are called scam - scams. The effort you spent lost white. When conducting an affiliate registration with a website you need:
  1. Find out how the company's payment policy and payment are to avoid the trouble of withdrawing money or receiving your money later, because if you don't receive the money, you are considered to be doing unfair work for them.
  2. See reviews on this website by referring to the relevant forums. See the opinions of participants as well as experts before deciding. Usually these forums are English.
  3. Whether to support, accept Vietnam or not (see in the Country section or if it says US or CA only, then you forget to sign up for a job no matter how attractive it is)
  4. Other forms of payment: Western Union, Paypal, bank transfer, check (check) or another form? Does it support that form in Vietnam?

Experience - Tips

Here are some of the experiences I have accumulated and are also necessary and you need to manage it well. Of course it will take time, I consider it as a cycle, a repetitive process that if you patiently follow it, you will surely succeed.
  1. Designing websites, building a website with good content, how to turn visitors into buyers. Go see the successful websites with your products, how do they do? What do they have in common? Put yourself in the customer position, what will you do when you visit the website, is it convinced by the content on the website? Are you ready to click the purchase button? Take note of all this so that you can change and optimize the "Uncle Ho's polymer number" in your pocket.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO): People who come to your website from search engines are the most potential customers, because they really care about your product. So your job is to make as many people as possible from this source, to do this, your website must be at least in the top 10. In some competitive areas, being in the top 10 is It is not easy because you are competing globally (Google.com), your opponents may be hands in Iran, India, Africa ... of course there is no shortage of Vietnam 😀 So you have to choose 1 potential target market as I said above.
  3. Follow your website regularly, draw what you should do, don't do, what you need to change ... You have to track clickthrough rate (CTR) on your products, on order / purchase links Since then, change and refine the website. Eg change the position of ads, purchase buttons ...
  4. Use the money you originally earned to invest in advertising, the type of advertising you should use are: Adwords, Facebook, Backlink ... You can also find forums that specialize in your products selling and placing banner of I went up there to attract potential visitors.
  5. Effective statistics of advertising campaigns: you can use Google Analytics, the vendor's statistics program to track the effectiveness of each advertising channel. The best thing you should do is create an intermediate link from your website to link to the supplier's link, from which you can easily track traffic, access sources, everything related to it. .
  6. To do the above work well and earn money, you need to have an important skill that's looking for. Read the Google search tips article to better understand how to search.


The first few months will be the hardest time when you start learning and making money with Affiliate. For those who are frustrated, go back to my first post on the topic "Make money online" and reread carefully then accept it yourself if you still want to continue and earn money online.
Source: Tran Ngoc Chinh .
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