How to delete all web data saved on iPhone

You often go to the web to watch movies, watch videos or watch football online will save a lot of data that takes up the device's memory. Therefore you should regularly delete unnecessary data and clean up iPhone to optimize data. One of the applications that should delete the data is the Safari web browser .
There are many reasons why we should regularly delete iPhone data, in addition to these data taking up storage space may make your device less secure with a lot of security risks. To make sure that you are not followed by any website you should delete all browser data including web access history, cookies and automatic login. Below we will guide you how to delete all web data saved on iPhone, iPad.

Instructions for deleting web browser data on iPhone

Step 1:
At the main interface of iPhone, click to Settings. Then go to the Safari application .

Step 2:
The Safari browser settings interface appears, scroll down to the bottom of this window and click the Advanced menu .
Step 3:
The Advanced window appears to continue to select Site data . Here will list all data of websites you have visited.
We can delete all web data or delete each data according to selected sites to optimize data for the device.
Click Delete all site data to delete all data -> Delete now to complete.
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