DNS is a domain name resolution system that was invented in 1984 for the Internet, only one system that allows setting up correspondence between IP address and domain name. Or it can be understood that DNS on the Internet will translate the domain name that users type into the IP address.

IP address consists of 4 groups of numbers separated by dots. For example, if you type your inithtml.com site  , DNS will resolve and return the results with the IP range

What a good DNS

Working principle of DNS

Each service provider operates and maintains its own DNS server.

INTERNIC (Internet Network Information Center) is responsible for monitoring the domain names and the corresponding DNS servers.

DNS has the ability to query other DNS servers when requested from outside.

How to use DNS

Since DNS is updated, the response varies depending on the network connection from the client to the server, so you should consider choosing the DNS server that best suits your intended use.

In my experience,  CloudFlare is a very good intermediate DNS. You should use.

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