Email Marketing

What is email marketing is the form of using email (email) with content about information / sales / marketing / introducing products to customers that they want. Each email is sent to potential customers or existing customers can be considered as email marketing.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

When doing marketing campaigns, product advertising is definitely the first thing you think about email marketing. Simply because email marketing is a very useful advertising method for marketing campaigns. But many of you who start creating and sending email still don't understand the most general way about email marketing, and the benefits of email marketing bring to businesses. This article will give you the most complete view of email marketing.

Function of email marketing
Email list management: Email marketing will help you manage email lists clearly and specifically. Sorting by geography, origin, gender, age, job ...
Monitor and report: You will know the email rate inbox, email open rate, click rate, conversion rate. Detailed tracking of customer interaction rates.
Automate campaigns: You can go to a campaign, and set a specific email schedule, emails will be automatically sent quickly and accurately.
Various email templates: Many professional, diverse templates for you to choose, will minimize the time in writing content.
Benefits of email marketing
First, when compared with traditional advertising by designing banners, billboards, and email marketing, it will help to save design costs, transportation costs and rental costs.
Email marketing helps businesses build brands in the eyes of consumers, increase relationships, create trust with customers.
In addition, when using this method for marketing, you can statistically detail the number of people who click on the mail, click on the links from which you will be able to understand the needs of customers, determine the right gain customers' tastes to make appropriate adjustments.
In addition, you can automate your marketing campaign by setting a customer-specific email marketing marketing schedule by week or by month.
Source:  Conversion.vn .
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