How to download videos in Facebook closed group?

As you know, on Facebook, to download a video on public groups or on the wall, there are many different ways: You can use software to increase download speed of IDM , use Coc Coc web browser, Use the online Web site that supports Getlink, or use the Extension in the browser ...
However, you can't download videos on Facebook's closed groups in those ways. For closed groups it is another story, you will encounter many problems such as blocking, not having enough rights to download ....
Therefore in the article today I will guide you how to solve this problem in the most stable way. Please follow along ...

Instructions for downloading videos on Facebook Closed Group

+ Step 1: Open the video you need to download in closed group => then right click on the video => and select the line Hiển thị URL Video.
ear-video-video-kin-facebook-1 (1)
+ Step 2: You Copy URLthen => and paste it into a new Tab => click Enterto access.
Then, in the New Tab, press the combination CTRL + U, or right-click => and selectXem nguồn trang (View page source)
ear-video-video-kin-facebook-2 (2)
+ Step 3: Press the key combination Ctrl + Fand enter the keyword hd_src.
Then find the line hd_src_no_ratelimitNote that videos without HD will not have this line.
ear-video-video-kin-facebook-3 (3)
+ Step 4: Copy the URL of the video in the quotation mark as shown above to get the URL HD. Then paste it into the new tab and access it.
Then click on the 3 dots button and choose Tải xuống (Download)to download the video 😀
ear-video-on-the-go-kin-facebook (4)


Okay, so just a few simple steps that you can save the videos on closed groups already. This way is a bit complicated but it is not as difficult as you think and you can also use the download feature of Coc Coc to download.

Hopefully , downloading videos on Facebook closed groups will be helpful to you. Good luck !
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