How to remove Face ID on iPhone applications

    Face ID is a face security technology similar to Touch ID (fingerprint sensor), which Applereleased for the first time on the iPhone X phone generation. It is used as an authentication method to process log a number of applications such as: application bank customers or applications online shopping  easier and takes less time.
    However, we should remove Face ID on some applications to protect personal information. Here is the article how to remove Face ID on iPhone applications, invite you to consult.

    Disable Face ID on iPhone applications

    Step 1: Go to Settings (Settings), and then choose Face ID & Passcode (Face ID and Security).
    Select Face ID & Passcode
    Step 2: Enter the Face ID password , then select Other Apps . There will be a list of applications that use this feature, as well as their current status.
    Select Other Apps
    Step 3: Switch the switch to off on applications you want to disable the use of Face ID .
    Switch the switch off
    In addition, you can use the following method to delete Face ID on iPhone applications, its performance is similar to the above.
    Step 1: Go to Settings (Settings), and then select the application you want to turn off Face ID.
    Select the application to turn off Face ID
    Step 2: At Face ID , switch the switch to off.
    Switch the switch off
    Above is a guide to remove Face ID on some applications of iPhone, in addition, you can refer to some articles on the face recognition feature such as: Fix Face ID error , Use Face ID on Android ...

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