Experience posting photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... more beautiful

    To save beautiful moments in life, we will often post it on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, ... However, there are photos that we take very well when posted on the network. This society is quite bad.
    Part of it is probably because your camera's quality is not good, and another reason that directly affects it is because the size (size) of the image does not match the standard image size of the website (social network) Assembly). Make your image when uploaded is stretched or squeezed, looking very ugly with the original image.
      But please rest assured that in this article, I will introduce you to the free Resize photo tool called Promo Image Resizer . This online tool will help you automatically resize images with the standard size of many social media ... including social networks that you still use often like Facebook, Instagram ...
      how-dang-anh-len-facebook-dep-1 (1)
      Oke, let's do it ...

      How to post pictures to the most beautiful Social Network?

      + Step 1: First you access this website address: https://promo.com/tools/image-resizer/
      + Step 2: A new interface appears as shown below => you click on the button Browse.., or hold and drag and drop the image to upload photos from your computer.
      how-dang-anh-len-facebook-dep (2)
      You can also select an image from the internet by selecting Import from URL=> and entering the image link.
      + Step 3: As soon as the photo is done, drag it down and you will see the image has been cut to suit each different platform, full size for you to choose.
      Of course you can still customize the size and rate manually. Currently it supports popular platforms like FB, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinteres ..
      cach-dang-anh-len-facebook-dep-4 (4)
      + Step 4: To download photos you have 2 options. One is to download all the cropped images by selecting Download All Images.
      cach-dang-anh-len-facebook-dep (3)
      Select 2 then you tick the image and click Download Selected Imagesto download the selected photos.
      cach-dang-anh-len-facebook-dep (5)
      Yes, so you can freely post pictures that photos have not been bad anymore 😀
      So I just finished sharing with you a little trick to help you post photos on Facebook, Instagram ... more beautiful .

      Although it is free, this tool is very useful and offers very good image quality, right? If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Good luck !
      CTV: Nguyen Thanh Tung

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