7 Top security plugins help protect your WordPress website safely in every attack

As you already know WordPress is the foundation for news web development, blogging, e-commerce ... because its advantages are easy to administer, SEO, it does not need quite popular programming experience in the world with millions of pages. The web is big and small. But its popularity is the goal of hackers who often target different purposes primarily through plugins of unknown origins, server-side vulnerabilities, source code, weak security. However, do not worry, there are many ways to eliminate those attacks, here are articles about 7 useful plugins when you are in the process of developing the website that will help you be safer and help You are completely confident, focus on writing your post.

1.iThemes Security

Being the leading plugin to secure your wordpress web, it helps you detect and check unusual logs somewhere on the web and how to fix them. Moreover iThemes helps you protect important files, help change prefix, url of wp-config file, url file .htaccess and prevent someone from unauthorized access to your admin login page wp-admin by changing wp-admin path to secret login url, as well as setting wrong login limits and unlock time.

In addition, you can set the time for it to automatically upload website data to your admin email that you do not have to manually. You can also enable many other free features when installing it to The highest safety.

2.Wordfence Security

This is also a very important plugin that helps prevent websites from being infected with malware, limiting the IP of countries that are allowed to access and block IPs that endanger your website and help you track the way you believe. How hackers attack your web from there to help you prevent and fix all attacks promptly. At the same time Wordfence Security helps your website eliminate common attacks like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Injecting SQL Injection makes your website database suddenly overloaded, loading slowly. Furthermore Wordfence Security also prevents password detection software and other destructive behaviors.

You should scan more often to fix the error of malicious files and handle them manually. However, for maximum security, I recommend you to pay to activate more advanced features, yes. enthusiastic support from Wordfence if your website is popular, many visitors, from which other features you do not have to manually handle any process will be corrected automatically.

3.Shield Securi company

This is a feature-rich plugin that helps protect your site (content-security-policy, referrer-policy), prevent unauthorized login, and help protect your login page, authenticate 2FA login , the firewall helps to limit the attack, as well as checking the weaknesses of the website for you to fix. At the same time, it also prevents modifying the code, modifying the web data, protecting the login when it is entered too much, it will lock and block access.

4.All in One WP Security & Firewall


This plugin is also essential to protect your site like firewalls, cometspam, protect critical databases, help change wp login login direction, protect accounts, and protect other important files. , and also has a site maintenance feature when needed. In addition, it helps you easily add .htaccess files, to see if your site has the highest security with the level meter. Since then, it will warn the features that need to be activated for you to fix, so that your site is hard to attack. This plugin is also worth installing.

5. Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

It is also a plugin that helps you prevent unsafe attacks and it will block dangerous IPs, as well as prevent injection of malicious Malware and antispam codes. Also help the login page to enter the recapcha when you log in to this. Helped to avoid bots but not humans. Cyber ​​Security also has many plus points to install as a scan to help detect malicious code and remove it, as well as monitor attack rates.

6.WPS Hide Login


It is not safe to change the direction of wp-admin login, and another folder to protect is wp-login, which is also the login directory of your admin page. WPS Hide Login will help you solve This problem by redirecting your admin login page wp-login safely to a secret path set by you and only you know the secret login path there.

7.Really simple SSL

This is a plugin that encrypts your data when it activates it. The SSL lock icon on the search bar will appear to help others feel secure when you visit your site and also help your site get better. First rank web when being safely evaluated by Google.

Conclusion :

The important thing when you use the above plugins is to fully activate the feature after activating and carefully read the More section guide of each plugin to know which features to use which features to use. The safe way and remember to record the information you entered in case you block yourself, or for example not posting the article, can not edit the code, page errors ...... So with the above plugins will help You are 99% safe with the site and you can comfortably write your articles without having to worry about security anymore.

Good luck!
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