How to add applications to Control Center on iPhone

The Control Center section is an item that iPhone users often use to turn off and turn on key settings such as Bluetooth, Wifi, flight mode, flash, battery saving mode, sound, ... and more. .
However, in iOS 13, users will be attached to the Control Center menu to open. Of course this will have to be the applications you use most often. Please see the application instructions on the Control Center above to access the application in the Control Center.
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Instructions for adding applications to the Control Center

Step 1: To add the application to the Control Center, you will need to use the familiar Shortcut application But one thing to note is that this Shortcut application has to be updated to iOS 13 so you can use the Automation feature to attach the application to the Control Center .
This Shortcut key application is available when you update to iOS 13 and if you delete this Shortcut application and download the Shortcut application from the App Store , there is no such Automation item.
Select Automation and select Create personal automation item, then click Select > Applications .
Create personal automation itemsSelect Application
Then add the widget, usually the Magnifying Glass widget is the least-used utility, and then click Done . When there is a Magnifying Glass application in the new Automationlist , click Next in the upper right corner. 
Add gadgetComplete the application selection
In the next interface, click Add task , then you will see other icons. Click Application to start adding applications to the Control Center.
Add taskChoose Application
Next click Open the app , then click on the blue Application text .
Open the application in TaskChoose more applications
In the list of applications on your computer, add the application, and then click Next . Go to the next interface, turn off Ask before running  and click Done in the upper right corner.
Select the application Turn off ask before running
Now swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center, then click on the widget you just assigned to the Magnifying Glass , you'll see the app instead of the add-on.
With instructions to open the application in Control Center on this article, your operation will be more convenient when opening applications on your smartphone. 
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