Learn about the new drawing app for iPad Adobe Fresco

Adobe has revealed more about Fresco, the new drawing app for iPads and other tablets. Fresco has been designed to appeal to new painters and experienced people. All you need is the right hardware to run the application.
Adobe announced Fresco in October 2018, giving people a rough look at the software at Adobe Max 2018. At the time, it was called Project Gemini, but Adobe changed its name to Fresco. Now, Adobe Fresco has developed and ready to launch the market.

What is Adobe Fresco?

What is Adobe Freshco?
In a post on the Adobe Blog, Adobe explained that Fresco was named after Italian drawing techniques, applied pigments and water to dry plaster. The idea was for Fresco to be "when inspiration comes up, you have to act quickly before the plaster is dry."
Fresco has been built on Apple's iPad platform, with versions for touch devices and based on another stylus. And to make a difference to competitors, Fresco will copy the way chalk, oil and watercolor interact with paper, cloth and plaster.
Adobe Fresco does this by using Live Brushes, using AI to recreate lifelike oils and watercolors. For example, using a watercolor Live Brush will cause colors to spread into the surrounding areas on paper.
You can also use Photoshop brushes in Fresco, including brushes created by Kyle Webster. You also have access to vector brushes, creating lines and shapes that are clear and sharp. Fresco will also provide layers and masks, as well as work with other Adobe products.

How to test Adobe Fresco

Adobe is about to release Fresco later this year, but the company is currently testing apps with real users. If you want to try Fresco soon, you can register for the test before the release officially launches, by clicking on the link:
And send your contact information.
Register using Adobe Fresco test version
It's exciting when you can activate the iPad Pro and let Adobe Fresco work. In addition there are many other hardware and software options you can test. Refer to the top of the best tablets and graphics programs for Quantrimang 's digital design , com.
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