4 ways to fix time error on Windows 10 computer

Time error on Windows 10 is quite a problem many users encounter, this is more common for computers and laptops installing new operating system or after updating Windows 10 . Besides, there are some other reasons that I will mention in this article.
4 ways to fix time error on Windows 10 computer

By default, Windows will take over the time synchronization function on the computer with Microsoft server, so the time is always correct. However, if your computer always displays the wrong time even though you have adjusted it many times, you need other solutions to solve it thoroughly.

Wrong time on PC & Laptop computers can lead to many other problems, for example you will not be able to access websites with SSL certificates (ie https at the top of the site) or even not on Facebook and Gmail too.

Here I will point out the causes and remedies of time errors on Windows 10 computers, please try to see how it works.

1. Due to wrong time zone settings

Wrong time zone is the leading cause of the lead time error on Windows 10 and other operating system computers. Often this error only occurs after the user installs or updates the Windows 10 operating system. The time, date, time zone information is set by default and is the work of the operating system and usually not it's correct. Therefore, you need to check the time zone on the system after installing new or updating Windows.

To check the system time zone and change the Windows 10 time, do the following:

Step 1 . You access the Settings (open quickly with Windows + I combination) => then select the Time & Language item (as shown below).

Step 2 . In the next window, please change the setting in the Time zone section (UTC + 07:00 Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta) => then the system will reset the exact time (as shown below).

Step 3 . You can also set the time synchronization with Microsoft servers if the computer is connected to the internet by going to Settings => clicking on Region & Languege =>   Date, time & regional formattings (as shown below).
The new interface Clock and Region appears, then click on the Set the time and date option (as shown below).
New window appears, you switch to Internet Time => tab and then click on Change settings ... (as shown below).\
A window will appear, click on Synchronise with an Internet time server => then click Update now (as shown below) and the time synchronization process with Microsoft server will start.
After the process is complete, click OK to finish.

2. Cause of CMOS Battery

This is the most frequent cause of false display time errors on most PC and laptop computers, not just Windows 10. Especially for computers that have been used for a long time, have a high battery life.

CMOS batteries are a power source for active CMOS chips and ensure that the chip works, storing data even when the computer is turned off, so that the CMOS battery is designed right on the motherboard (mainboard). of computer.

Data that CMOS stores is mainly information about system configuration, including information about time and date. Therefore, once the CMOS battery is weak, it will lead to disruption of information, even loss of information and the righteous consequence is the wrong time on a Windows 10 computer.
In this case, we need to replace the CMOS battery. This is quite simple, you just go to the computer store and ask to buy a new CMOS battery to bring back. Next, turn off the computer, remove the computer cover and find the location of the CMOS battery and replace it on the mainboard. If you use a laptop , this job is a bit more difficult, but often the computer is too old to get this error, so you just go ahead and scratch it.
After you have completed the CMOS battery, re-assemble the machine (if you've removed something) and boot up the computer.

3. Cause due to system time - Windows Time

If you have replaced the CMOS battery, but the time error on Windows 10 is still there, it may be due to the system's time synchronization mechanism crashed. To check if this is the case, you should check the Windows Time process of the system by the following way:

Step 1 . You go to Start Menu (or Windows + S) => then enter the keywords Services => and click on the result (as shown below).
Step 2 . Then the Windows service window appears => you go to Windows Time => then right-click on it and select Properties (as shown below).
Step 3 . The window with the new interface appears, change the Startup type information to Automatic => then press Start to start the process => finally click OK (as shown below).

4. Cause from Malware

What is Malware? It is understood as malicious software that harms computers. Malware includes all computer viruses, worms or trojans and spyware (spyware). Although quite rare, Malware is also considered one of the factors causing time error on Windows 10 .

In case your computer or laptop is infected with malicious code, it is possible that Malware has hacked into the system, leading to computer time deviation. Now, thanks to the removal tool for Spyware and Adware Malware
You install one of the above Malware removal tools, then start your computer in Safe Mode. Next, start up the Malware removal tool and activate the malware detection process on the most effective system. To start a Windows 10 computer in Safe Mode , do the following:

Step 1. Go to Settings (Windows + I) window => then select Update & security (as shown below).
Step 2 . New interface appears, you click on the Recovery item in the list on the left => then click Restart now in the section Advanced startup to restart the computer (as shown below).
Step 3 . Then the computer will be restarted, Choose an option installation interface appears => you click Troubleshoot (as shown below).
Step 4. The interface of Troubleshoot appears => click on Advanced options (as shown below).
Step 5 . In the Advanced options screen interface => you continue to select Startup settings (as shown below).
Step 6 . In the Startup Settings screen that appears, click on Restart to restart the computer (as shown below).
Step 7 . The computer screen after reboot will display the Startup Settings interface and the Safe Mode option will appear . You press the 4 or F4 keys to start Windows 10 into Safe Mode.

5. Epilogue

The above are the main reasons and how to fix time errors on Windows 10 . Hopefully, the information I have shared above has been helpful for you to overcome this error.

If you have any other way, please share it so everyone knows it and don't forget to leave your comments in the section below if you need some support related to Windows 10.
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